Trudi Canavan – The Traitor Queen (The Traitor Spy Trilogy #3)

Traitor Queen

publisher: Orbit
published 2013
pages: 518


Events are building to a climax in Sachaka as Lorkin returns from his exile with the Traitor rebels. The Traitor Queen has given Lorkin the huge task of brokering an alliance between his people and the Traitors. Lorkin has also had to become a feared black magician in order to harness the power of an entirely new kind of gemstone magic. This knowledge could transform the Guild of Magicians – or make Lorkin an outcast forever. (Amazon)

In (Very) Short:

+ final installment of the Traitor Spy Trilogy
+ fluent and easy writing
+ even in the 6th book set in Sonea’s world there was still a lot to discover
+ I thoroughly enjoyed the book for its world creation and characters (maybe not all, but many)

My Opinion:

The Traitor Queen is the conclusion to The Traitor Spy Trilogy. If you have not read the previous two books please do not continue reading: Spoiler Alert.

The story continues where it had stopped in the last book and it did not get any less convoluted. There are still several storylines and perspectives present. While some of the story lines collide towards the end, the five narrative perspectives remain the same.

Lorkin is released from the Traitor Sanctuary to negotiate between the Guild and the Traitors. The Sachakan (who are the mortal enemy’s of the Traitors) imprison Lorkin to gain information which he does not share. This gives the guild the opportunity to send Sonea into Sachaka: officially to plead for her son, but unofficially to start negotiations with the Traitor Queen.

While the tensions between Sachakans and Traitors rise to the point of war, the Guild in Imardin is still busy trying to catch the Rogue magician that is running amok in the underworld and tries to gain control over the city.

The narrative is still slow and though I was expecting it to pick up pace, it did not really. The battle at the end was not epic, there was not a lot of danger and Sonea did nothing. I was most disappointed with that. Though I understand why she couldn’t do anything and I get that Lorkin was the one to be at the center of things, it was still disappointing. Lorkin is just not my favorite guy. He was a flat character that did not show a lot of development and was just a little boring.

And the attempt to make the Traitors look good and the Sachakans bad failed as well as the attempt to make Lorkin the hero. I get that the Traitors were constructed to be better than the Sachakans, but even though the flaws in the Traitor system were obvious, Lorkin and later the Guild tried to make them better than they were.

I was surprised that characters I loved in the previous books (going back to The Black Magicians Trilogy) were getting annoying. I really liked Dannyl once, but I was about to jump into the book and shake him. Cery was condemned to do nothing really, why I don’t know, but there you go.

Lilia, Anyi, Gol, and Kallen saved the Imardin storyline for me and Soneas’s temporary presence the Sachakan story line. I enjoyed spending time with them and they were interesting enough to hold up the book.

The writing and the world creation had the most to do with the good rating. I just love a great world where I can get lost in and that still offers so much to discover.  And although her trilogy might not have been as fast paced as the previous one, it is still marvelous to wander through her world and learn so many new things even in book six.

I know the ranting above might question my rating and my taste, but it really was a good book and it was okay that it wasn’t as fast paced as the previous trilogy (many of the characters did get older and slower ;) ) because I was in the mood for exactly that.

Bottom Line:

A good conclusion to a trilogy, wonderful writing, fantastic world creation and enough things left unsolved for the other to potentially return to this world. I would pick it up again.


rating 4

Trudi Canavan – The Rogue (The Traitor Spy Trilogy #2)

The Rogue

publisher: Orbit
published 2012
pages: 485


Discover the magic of Trudi Canavan with her brand new novel in the Traitor Spy Trilogy…
Living among the Sachakan rebels, Lorkin does his best to learn about their unique magic. But the Traitors are reluctant to trade their secrets for the Healing they so desperately want.
Meanwhile, Sonea searches for the rogue, knowing that Cery cannot avoid assassination forever — but the rogue’s influence over the city’s underworld, however, is far greater than she feared.
And in the University, two female novices are about to remind the Guild that sometimes their greatest enemy is found within… (Amazon)

In (Very) Short:

+ 2nd installment in the Traitor Spy Trilogy
+ wonderful and complex world creation
+ reunited with old friends and met new characters
+ slow narrative pace that was right for me at the time, but might be too slow for others (not that action packed!!!)

My Opinion:

The Rogue is the second installment in The Traitor Spy Trilogy which in itself is the second trilogy centering around our main character Sonea. I met Sonea in The Black Magicians Trilogy and this trilogy is set 20 years later. I think one could read The Traitor Spy Trilogy without reading The Black Magicians Trilogy, but it might be more confusing. The world creation is very complex and the relationships between the characters would be less comprehensible without the first trilogy. If you haven’t read The Black Magicians Trilogy, you might not want to continue reading although I doubt I spoil things, you would just not understand.

If you did not read The Ambassador’s Mission (Book 1 in The Traitor Spy Trilogy) than: Spoiler Alert!

Sonea is now the Black Magician in Imardin and not allowed to leave the city. Having to accept Black Magic as necessity to defend the Allied Lands and the Guild was difficult for magicians, thus they restricted Sonea’s movement and life so the citizen would feel save.

Sonea’s son Lorkin has left Imardin to become the Ambassador’s apprentice in Sachaka, where he was attacked. He was saved by a slave, who is part of a group referred to by the Sachakans as Traitors. The traitor slave takes Lorkin to the Traitor sanctuary. Here he tries to establish relations between the traitors and the Guild. Sonea, who had to remain in Imardin, is busy protecting her old friend Cery from a new thief lord, who is also a magician – a rogue. At the same time two novices show the Guild that their biggest scare comes from within the Guild.

There are many different story lines combined in this trilogy: five different story lines narrated from five different perspectives. The switch between these narrative strands occurs quite frequently and can be a little bit of a challenge, but I got used to this quickly. Since there are not many long breaks between each narrative, the risk of forgetting and having difficulties of finding your way back into that story line is quite low.

While we meet many characters that we have known from the early books, there are many new characters. Some of them are sadly a little flat and not as intriguing as the old characters. I enjoyed reuniting with old friends again, but was also open to meeting new ones. However, the new characters themselves were less likable than the old ones. Lorkin (Sonea’s son) was bothering me a lot, Lilia was very naive (while I saw what was gonna happen to her a mile away), and Tyvara and her Traitors were also a little annoying at times. Though I understand that we were suppose to like the Traitors, the flaws in their system were just too big and the people were way to stubborn for my part.

The narrative pace might have been to slow for some people, but I really enjoyed it. I liked the complexity of the story, I enjoyed the world creation and was happy to find my way back to Imardin, but I also learned so much more about Sachaka and the Duna tribes. I was happy to spend time with Sonea, Dannyl, Lilia and Rothen. It was a good read and I was looking forward to finishing the trilogy.

Bottom Line:

A good read with a constant narrative pace, wonderful world creation, a fluent writing, and old and new characters.


rating 4


Shawn T. Odyssey – Oona Crate und das Rätsel des Schwarzen Turms/ The Wizard of Dark Street

Oona Crate

Verlag: Thienemann
veröffentlicht 2011
Seiten: 315

Book (English/Deutsch)


New York, 1877: In der Dark Street, einer verborgenen,magischen Straße, lebt Oona Crate mit ihrem Onkel und Lehrmeister, dem großen Zauberer. Heimlich träumt sie davon, Detektivin zu werden. Dann wird der Zaubermeister von einem magischen Dolch getroffen und nur sein leerer Zaubermantel bleibt zurück. Kann Oona beweisen, dass sie das Zeug zur Detektivin hat? Gemeinsam mit ihrem sprechenden Raben macht sie sich auf die Suche nach ihrem Onkel und setzt alles daran, den Täter zu stellen…

Oona Crate was born to be the Wizard’s apprentice, but she has another destiny in mind.
Despite possessing the rare gift of natural magic, Oona wants to be a detective. Eager for a case to prove herself, she wants to show her uncle—the Wizard of Dark Street—that logic is as powerful as magic. But when someone attacks the Wizard, Oona must delve even deeper into the world of magic to discover who wanted her uncle dead.
Full of magic, odd characters, evil henchmen, and a street where nothing is normal, The Wizard of Dark Street will have you guessing until the very end.

In Kürze/ In (Very) Short:

+ ein whodunit Krimi umringt von Zauberei und Magie
+ kecke Figuren
+ spannend, unterhaltsam, flüssig
+ vielleicht ein bisschen vorhersehbar und stereotyp, aber genau das richtige für junge Leser
+ a whodunit mystery with lots of magic and witchery
+ a cheeky character
+ fun, entertaining, thrilling
+ maybe a little predictable, but exactly right for young readers

Meinung/ My Opinion:

Oona Crate möchte keine Zauberlehrling mehr sein. Das 13-jährige Mädchen lebt mir ihrem Onkel Alexander, einem Magier, in der Darkstreet, die an die Grenzen New Yorks stößt. Onkel Alexander ist auch gleichzeitig Oonas Lehrmeister und traurig, dass Oona nichts mehr mit Magie zu tun haben möchte. Sie will lieber Detektivin werden. Als der Magier nun einen neuen Lehrling sucht und die Anwärter sich im Pendulum Haus (dem Zuhause von Oona und Onkel Alexander) eintreffen, sind Oonas detektivische Fähigkeiten gefragt. Ihr Onkel wird mit einem magischen Dolch angegriffen und es bleibt nur noch ein Umhang zurück. Oona muss jetzt alles geben ihren Onkel zu finden, bevor es zu spät ist.

Oona Crate und das Rätsel des Schwarzen Turms ist eine sehr schön, spannende und unterhaltsame Geschichte. Die Welt ist interessant gestaltet, da die Darkstreet nur einmal am Tag einen Verbindung nach New York aufbaut und gleichzeitig eine Verbindung zum Feenland ist. Das Pendulum Haus in dem Oona wohnt und alles geschieht, ist sehr eigen- und einzigartig und welches Kind würde nicht gerne die vielen thematischen Räume erkunden. Es gibt sogar ein Kapitänszimmer mit Seegang und frischer Seeluft.

Die Geschichte erfüllt bestimmte Elemente des whodunit Krimis (geschlossener Raum, eine begrenzte Zahl an potentiellen Tätern, unfähige Polizisten, und einen Amateurdetektiv) und vermischt sich mit Magie und Zauberei. Die Charaktere sind ein bunt zusammengemischter Haufen, der Schreibstil ist flüssig und wunderbar leicht, die Geschichte ist spannend, die Handlung vielleicht ein bisschen vorhersehbar und einige Charaktere recht Disneyesque und stereotyp. Aber trotzdem gelungen.

Oona Crate does not want to be a magician’s apprentice. The 13 year old girl lives with her uncle Alexander, who is the magician of Dark Street, a street that connects with New York once a day. Uncle Alexander is saddened that Oona refuses to learn and deal with magic, but accepts that she wishes to resign from her post as apprentice. So, he starts looking for a new one and invites all candidates to Pendulum House (his and Oona’s home). When her uncle is attacked with a magical dagger, it is up to Oona and her sleuthing abilities to find her uncle before it is too late.

Oona Crate and the Wizard of Dark Street is a exiting, fun, and entertaining story. The world creation is interesting. Dark Street connects once a day with the New York and is also connected to the world of the fairies (and not the tiny pretty Tinkerbells, but the scary, sharp fanged fairies).

Oona’s home is a unique house that contains many themed rooms such as the captain’s cabin which even has a swell and a sea breeze. Who would not want to explore that house.

The story fulfills certain features of the whodunit mystery: the looked room, the limited amount of suspects, an incompetent police officer, and an amateur sleuth. This all is mixed with magic and witchery. The characters are a divers and blended bunch of creatures, the writing is fluent and light, the story exiting, the narrative is maybe a little predictable and some characters a little disneyesque and stereotypical. But overall a great read.

Fazit/ Bottom Line:

Ein schönes, unterhaltsames Abenteuerbuch mit einer kecken Detektivin in einer magischen Welt.

A lovely, entertaining adventure with a charming detective in a magical world.


rating 4

Sechs Monate voller Hörbücher/ Six Months Worth of Audiobooks

In the past six months, I have listened to quite a few audiobooks. In the beginning, I finished one or two audiobooks a month, but since spring the number has increased quite a bit. Most audiobooks last 3 to 4 hours (chick lit etc.), others (fantasy, crime stories, historical fiction) over six hours. The children’s audiobooks were usually about an hour long. Since I found most of my audiobooks in my local library, they are not only read in German but are also written by German authors that have not been translated into English. Thus, the following list of audiobooks contains only German ones.

Im letzten halben Jahr habe ich wieder vermehrt Hörbücher gehört. Am Anfang des Jahres habe ich ein bis zwei Hörbücher im Monat geschafft, aber seit dem Frühling sind es dann doch mehr geworden. Die Spieldauer der meisten Hörbücher beträgt oft zwischen 3-4 Stunden. Dabei handelt es sich meistens um Frauenromane oder heitere Romane, Kinderhörspiele sind ca. ein Stunde lang und einige Romane (z.B. Krimis oder Historische Romane) haben eine Spieldauer von ca. 6 Stunden. Meistens handelt es sich um gekürzte Lesefassungen. Da ich meine Hörbücher aus meiner Stadtbibliothek beziehe, sind die meisten auf Deutsch gelesen und auch von deutschen Autoren geschrieben. Hier also die Liste der Hörbücher, die ich in den letzten sechs Monaten gehört habe. Ich denke, es wird zu den meisten noch ein Kurzrezension geben, solange ich mich noch daran erinnern kann. :)

Dora Heldt

1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Sie haben Gewonnen
2. Ausgeliebt
3. Urlaub mit Papa
4. Unzertrennlich

Emmy Abrahamson

1. Widerspruch zwecklos oder wie man eine polnische Mutter überlebt

Bettina Haskamp

1. Hart Aber Hilde

Die Zeitdetektive

1. Folge 1: Verschwörung in der Totenstadt

Walt Disney:

1. Merida: Legende der Highlands
2. Arielle: Die Meerjungfrau

Ralf Schmitz:

1. Schmitz Katze
2. Schmitz Mama

Michael Mittermeier

1. Achtung Baby

Susanne Fröhliche

1. Familienpackung
2. Lackschaden

Kerstin Gier

1. Männer und andere Katastrophen
2. Ach wär ich nur zu Hause geblieben

Dieter Nuhr

1. Das Geheimnis des Perfekten Tages

Iny Lorentz

1. Die Wanderhure
2. Das goldene Ufer

Gabriella Engelmann

1. 100 Jahre Ungeküsst

Sabine Ebert

1. Das Geheimnis der Hebamme

My Reading Month June

It was good!!! :)

Trudi Canavan – The Rogue

I started my month of with a little fantasy. This is the second book in the Traitor Spy Trilogy which centers around Sonea who I (and maybe some of you) have met in the Black Magicians Trilogy. I do think that you could read this trilogy without reading the Black Magicians Trilogy first, but maybe it would be better if you started with The Magicians Guild.
But back to the book. I enjoyed this book. It was a while ago that I read the first one in this trilogy, but I got back into the swing of things real fast. The narration itself might have been slower than what I was used too and there were many parallel stories, but I was in the mood for something more complex and little slow. All in all, a good read.

The Rogue Real Murders

Charlaine Harris – Real Murders

Because I was away and did not have the next book in the Traitor Spy Trilogy with me, I started this book. This is the first book in the Aurora Teagarden mystery series about a librarian who is interested in murder and gets caught up in one right away. It was a good, fast and fun read. Less of a mystery than I would have wanted it to be. Aurora did not necessarily investigate in any way, but was more caught in between in all. She was more of a witness. Still good.

Alexandra Pilz – Zurück Nach HollyHill

During the hot days in June I wanted something light, where I did not have to pay too much attention. The book is written by a German author and is not yet translated into English.
Emily receives a letter from her dead mother when she graduates college. She tells her to visit her old home Holly Hill to find out about her past. But the town does not exist. It is not on any map that Emily and her friend look at. Still Emily goes out to find Holly Hill. This was a nice and easy read, light entertainment with lots of weird stuff and little love stuff. Great for hot summer days.

Holly Hill Traitor Queen

Trudi Canavan – The Traitor Queen

Then I finally started the final installment in the Traitor Spy Trilogy. It was a good and solid read. I was entertained, I anticipated and expected the outcome, and there are still some things unsolved that leaves the possibility for the author to return to this world.
This series and this book is not as good as Canavan’s first series. It sometimes even read as if this is not necessarily the finale of the trilogy but more of a middle book. There is a lot to say about this book that would spoil the series, so I leave that for the in-depth review.

Kristen John – Rapunzel, der schüchterne Wolf und die Sache mit dem magischen Zopf

This is the 4th installment of the Mia fairy tales series which is not translated into English. This time Mia and her frog Jakob are drawn into the fairy tale of Rapunzel. Once they arrive, mayhem and fun ensues. This is again a fun and entertaining read. I really recommend this for young readers.

Rapunzel Gold Leather Trousers

Fiona Foden – Life, Death and Gold Leather Trousers

I picked this book up because of the title. This is a middle grade book that I found in our library. I was a little skeptical at first since I am often annoyed with young characters. They often tend to make decisions that I don’t understand. But then again I am old. I loved the story, I could identify with the character and I understood why she acted the way she did. The author was able to draw me into the story, so that even I was as annoyed with Clover’s parents as she was. It was a real good and entertaining read.

Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain – Murder She Wrote: Murder on the QE2

So after all this magic and those children’s books, I was in the mood for a little murder. Since I didn’t have an Agatha Christie at hand, I took the next best thing: A Murder She Wrote novel. I really enjoy the series and I can watch them over and over again (with a certain amount of time in between so I would forget who the murderer is). This was a good and solid read. I was entertained, the story was interesting, the final culprit maybe a little far-fetched for my taste, and Jessica less involved then I thought. All in all, a good read.

Murder on the QE2 Rätsel des Dornenbaums

Marliese Arold: Magic Girls 3 – Das Rätsel des Dornenbaums

This series about witches, who are exiled to the human world, is really cute and entertaining. This is the third installment in the series and for the first time it got quite exiting and thrilling. Elena’s father is a secret agent wizard and needs help in one of his missions, so his daughter and her best friend Miranda turn up to help. I enjoy that the girls are still girls and occasionally scared and not unreasonable heroic, at the same time they are a little annoying as well. But hey, I am old now, maybe that’s why I feel this way. A really thrilling ride.

Update on My Reading Challenges

So half a year is gone already. I hate to say it, but it sure went fast. And since so much time has flown by, I thought, I just give a short overview of my challenge achievements so far.

The Goodreads Reading Challenge is well underway and I have managed to read half of the books I hope to have read by the end of the year.

My Classic Challenge is really not going well, but when I try to force myself it really just doesn’t flow. So, thus far I have managed only 1 book.

The same is sadly true for my Attack on the TBR Pile. That one seems to increase instead of decrease. But since I do stop by at the library quite often, there are just so many books that I need to borrow and read then. It’s not suppose to be an excuse rather a statement of facts. ;)

My Finish The Series Challenge is going quite well. I have finished 3 already and I think I will manage a couple more this year. So yeah.

Goodreads Reading Challenge 2014 (65 books)

1. Marissa Meyer: Scarlet
2. Marcus Sedgwick: Flut und Fangzähne
3. Jennifer E. Smith: Die Statistische Wahrscheinlichkeit von Liebe auf den Ersten Blick
4. Agatha Christie: Cat Among the Pigeons
5. Uschi Flacke: Das Mädchen mit den Seidenraupen
6. Rick Riordan: Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades/ Horrible Histories: Groovy Greeks
7. Melanie Welsh: Fellicity Gallant und das Auge des Sturms
8. Alan Bennett: The Uncommon Reader
9. Kirsten John: Dornröschen, der Märchenprinz und meine total verrückte Tante
10. Kirsten John: Schneewittchen, der Nervzwerg und die verflixte Schokotorte
11. Kirsten John: Aschenputtel, der goldene Schuh und der Prinz mit der Beule
12. Alison Goodman: Eon – The Rise of the Dragoneye
13. Alyson Noel: Fated
14. Adam Gidwitz: Eine Dunkle und Grimmige Geschichte
15. Jesse Andrews: Ich und Earl und das sterbende Mädchen
16. Annelie Wendeberg: The Devil’s Grin
17. Dieter Nuhr: Nuhr auf Sendung
18. Marie Lu: Legend
19. Anna Regeniter: Ein Jahr in London
20. George Orwell: Animal Farm
21. Agatha Christie: The 13 Problems
22. Kate Klise: Friedhofstraße 43 – Gespensterspuk in Hollywood
23. Rick Riordan: The Read Pyramid
24. Julica Jungehülsing – Ein Jahr in Australien
25. Shawn T. Odyssey – Oona Crate und das Geheimnis des Schwarzen Turms
26. Trudi Canavan – The Rogue
27. Charlaine Harris – Real Murders
28. Alexandra Pilz – Zurück nach Holly Hill
29. Trudi Canavan – The Traitor Queen
30. Kirsten John – Rapunzel, der schüchterne Wolf und die Sache mit dem magischen Zopf
31. Fiona Foden – Life, Death and Gold Leather Trousers
32. Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain – Murder She Wrote: Murder on the QE2
33. Marliese Arold – Magic Girls: Das Rätsel um den Dornenbaum

Classic Challenge 2014 (6 books)

1. George Orwell: Animal Farm

Attack on the TBR pile 2014 (12 books)

1. Agatha Christie: Cat Among the Pigeons
2. Alison Goodman: Eon – The Rise of the Dragoneye
3. Marie Lu – Legend
4. George Orwell – Animal Farm
5. Rick Riordan – The Read Pyramid
6. Trudi Canavan – The Rogue
7. Charlaine Harris – Real Murders

Finish Series Challenge 2014 (5 series)

1. Kate Klise & Sarah M.Klise: Friedhofstraße 43/ 43 Old Cemetery Road (as far as has been published in German so far)

  • Gespenster gibt es doch/ Dying to Meet You
  • Nur über meine Leiche/ Over My Dead Body
  • Ein Gespenst kommt selten allein/ Till Death Do Us Bark
  • Das Phantom in Postamt/ The Phantom of the Post Office
  • Gespensterspuk in Hollywood/ Hollywood, Dead Ahead

2. Kirsten John – Mia Reihe

  • Dornröschen, der Märchenprinz und meine total verrückte Tante (Mia #1)
  • Schneewittchen, der Nervzwerg und die verflixte Schokotorte (Mia #2)
  • Aschenputtel, der goldene Schuh und der Prinz mit der Beule (Mia #3)
  • Rapunzel, der schüchterne Wolf und die Sache mit dem magischen Zopf (Mia #4)

3. Trudi Canvan – Traitor Spy Trilogy

  • The Ambassador’s Mission
  • The Rogue
  • The Traitor Queen

Kate Klise, M. Sarah Klise – Friedhofstraße 43/ 43 Old Cemetery Road (#5)

Gespensterspuk in Hollywood/ Hollywood Dead Ahead

Gespensterspuk in Hollywood

Verlag: Gerstenberg Verlag
veröffentlicht 2013
Seiten: 136

Book (Deutsch/English)


Großartige Neuheiten: Die Friedhofstraße 43 wird verfilmt! Autor Ignaz Griesgram, Gespenst Olivia und der elfjährige Severin machen sich auf den Weg nach Hollywood. Dort stellt sich jedoch heraus, dass nur Ignaz in dem Film mitspielen soll. Severin nimmt daraufhin unter falschem Namen am Casting teil und wird prompt für seine eigene Rolle engagiert. Filmlegende Ivana Oscar übernimmt die Hauptrolle. Leider hat die alte Dame ihren Vertrag nicht gelesen und ahnt nichts von der darin enthaltenen Sterbeklausel…

In this fifth volume from 43 Old Cemetery Road, the trio at Spence Mansion leaves Ghastly for Hollywood, California . . . and for a shot at stardom!
The film producer Moe Block Busters wants to make the 43 Old Cemetery Road story into a movie—and he promises it will be a sure-fire hit! Lured by the lights of Tinseltown, Ignatius B. Grumply, Olive C. Spence, and Seymour Hope pack their suitcases. But when they arrive in Hollywood, Olive has a sure-fire fit when she discovers how quickly fame changes Iggy and Seymour. Even worse, Olive has been written out of the script! “Little old lady ghosts are so yesterday,” says Moe. “What America wants is a terrifying ghost named Evilo.” Well, if it’s Evilo they want, it’s Evilo they’ll get. And Olive knows just the femme fatale to help her scare Hollywood’s most despicable director half to death. (Quelle)

In Kürze/ In (Very) Short:

+ 5. Band der Reihe Friedhofstraße 43
+ Wiedersehen mit alten Bekannten und Kennenlernen liebenswerter Figuren
+ spannend, unterhaltsam, lustig, gelungen wie immer
+ eine schöne Variante des Briefromans
+ 5th installment of 43 Old Cemetery Road
+ reunion with old friends and new lovable characters
+ fun, entertaining, exiting, good as always
+ a lovely version of the epistolary novel

Meinung/My Opinion:

Das 5. Buch in der Reihe Friedhofstraße 43 ist, wie auch seine Vorgänger, wieder sehr schön und unterhaltsam. Ich bin einfach ein großer Fan der Erzählweise und der Gestaltung – eine Geschichte in Briefen und Zeitungsartikeln zu erzählen, ist einfach eine tolle Idee und die Illustrationen untermalen den Charme dieser Reihe.

Diesmal zieht es unsere drei lieb gewonnen Figuren nach Hollywood. Ein vielleicht etwas schmieriger Produzent möchte die Friedhofstraße gerne verfilmen und auch wenn Ignaz dagegen ist, freuen sich Severin und Olivia ungemein. Da Severin und Ignaz dem Glanz und Ruhm Hollywoods verfallen und nicht mitbekommen, was der Produzent wirklich alles vor hat, liegt es an Olivia die Produktion vor einer Katastrophe zu retten.

Wieder einmal ist es den Autorinnen gelungen eine spannende Erzählung zu erschaffen, die mit Humor erzählt und mit kleinen Seitenhieben auf die Filmindustrie gespickt ist. Der Schreibstil ist wie immer flüssig, die Illustrationen und Gestaltung wunderschön, die Charaktere noch immer liebenswert und verschroben und die Friedhofstraße gewinnt neue und sympathische Figuren hinzu. Wirklich gelungen.

The 5th installment of 43 Old Cemetery Road is just as fun and entertaining as its predecessors. I am a huge fan of the narrative style and the composition. To tell a story through letters and newspaper articles is a beautiful idea and the illustrations are wonderful as always.

This time our three friends are about to conquer Hollywood. A sleazy producer wants to adapt their story into a movie, which Olive and Seymour are thrilled about (Iggy not so much). While Iggy and Seymour succumb to the glitz and glamor, and are unaware of the shady intentions of the producer, it is up to Olive to prevent a catastrophe.
The authors have created an exiting, humorous story that is studded with comments on the film industry. The writing is fluent, the illustrations and the composition of the book is beautiful, the characters are lovable and quirky and the series gains new and sympathetic characters. A great read.

Fazit/Bottom Line:

Eine spannende und unterhaltsame Geschichte wie man es aus dieser Reihen gewohnt ist.

As always a thrilling, fun, and entertaining read.


rating 4