My Reading Month May

This reading month has been a little slow. Although I have read quite a few pages, I look at the number of books and I am a little disappointed. But at the end of the day there are not enough hours to read or I am simply not always in the mood. Anyway. The three books I have read this month, I enjoyed thoroughly.


Maggie Stiefvater – The Scorpio Races

I am absolutely on love with this book. But when someone asks me why, I cannot formulate a coherent and logical sentence. The book is a little paradoxon for me. It is a fast paced story that is also quite slow in its narration, but never to slow to be bored.

The story lives from its characters and their development, their relation to the island they live on, their reasons for taking part in the Scorpio Races (the often bloody and deadly race on bloodthirsty water horses) and their relation to their horses (water horse or “normal” horse). Yet at the same time the practice and the race are so action packed that my heart occasionally stopped beating.

The book is fantastic and shed light on the mythology of water horses that is not necessarily common knowledge but sure deserves the attention. I enjoyed this read and ride immensely.

Michael Grant – Gone

Gone is also an interesting and exiting read. It deals with a group of children and youth who have to live in a world without parents and anyone older than 14. With a blink of an eye they disappear and the ones remaining are confronted with the challenges of survival, growing supernatural powers, mutating animals and “something else out there”.

Although I enjoyed the book I personally cannot say what the book really is. Is it science fiction, fantasy or a dystopia . I would categorize as somewhat of a speculative fiction which could be really everything and nothing. It reminds me a little bit of Stephen King and though I am not a fan of his writings, I like Michael Grant’s version. Many will claim that this is not Stephen King like and I do not claim it is or to know King’s complete writings. But it somehow reminds me of him.

I enjoyed Grant’s novel and am looking forward to read further installments in this series as it is interesting as well as shocking when looking at the development within the remaining society. I sure have to know why everyone disappeared, why there is a wall, why animals are mutating and what the “other” out in the desert is.

Christine and Christopher Russell – The Warrior Sheep Go West

The second installment in the Warrior Sheep series is as much fun as the first one. Again the five rare breeds of Eppingham farm are on their way to save all sheepdom and do as the holy ram Aries bids.

Brought to America to serve as experiments for a mad scientist, the sheep go West to save all sheep from Red Tongue – a sheep devouring monster.

With wit and a lot of sheer luck the rare breed start their quest through the desert of the US.

This book is again a lovely and beautifully written children’s book with the loveable sheep and their owners Ida and Tod on a new adventure. Ida is again a loveable and naïve yet take charge granny who does not take orders from anyone nor stops until she has what she wants. Tod right on her heal and the sheep again caught in their own adventures.

It is an easy, breezy, and entertaining read for children and for the young at heart.

Although this month was not as reading intense as I wished all three reads were very enjoyable and entertaining reads that aloud me to escape from my own reality for a while.


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