Christine and Christopher Russell – The Warrior Sheep Go West

A wildly Adventure about five sheep, one mad scientist, and a quest to save all of sheepdom.


published: 2011
publisher: Egmont UK Ltd.
pages: 230

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When a strange monster called Red Tongue threatens rams, ewes, and lambs everywhere, the Warrior Sheep spring into action.
Now the five bravest sheep in the eweniverse must hoof it to Las Vegas to stop Red Tongue’s rampage.
And so the Warrior Sheep go west. Can the warriors stop the mystery monster before it’s too late?

In (Very) Short:

+ a great wild west adventure
+ loveable characters
+ a naïve but kick ass, take no prisoners granny
+ the world perceived through the eyes of a sheep

My Opinion:

The second installment of the Warrior Sheep series is as lovely as the first novel The Quest of the Warrior Sheep.

The sheep start their adventure in Eppingham farm where they receive the message that Red Tongue is slaughtering rams. At the same time Ida and Tod are invited to a convention in American to exhibit their rare breeds.

Little do they know that this organization is phony. The people behind this organization have a sinister plan. But the rare breeds are on their own quest and unaware of the danger.

Again the sheep dive head first into the quest believing that every coincidence is meant to be and a sign from Aries – the god of all rams. In their naïve and loveable way they find their own adventure and a way to save all sheepdom.

Although I was occasionally annoyed by the sheep in the first book, I thoroughly enjoyed them this time. Still, my favorite character is grandma Ida. She just loves live and takes things as they come without over thinking them. Maybe I should take a page out if her book 🙂

All in all, it is a beautiful, sweet and sheeply adventure.

Bottom Line:

A funny wild west quest with Ida, Tod and the Eppingham rare breeds for the young and those remaining young at heart.


rating 4


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