Audiobook Month July Part 1 – English

As I began with my audiobook experiment last month I have taken it to extremes in July (well, at least in my eyes). Since the weather was quite nice I went for a run almost every morning and managed to listen to many stories.

Four of my audiobooks this month are originally written by a German author and are not translated into English yet. The others are either written by an American author or are known outside of Germany.

Star Wars – The Clone Wars #1-5

I began the month the with very short Star Wars – The Clone Wars. This is not only an animated series, but each episode is available as radio play in Germany. Each radio play contains two episodes which are between 22 to 25 minutes long.

I listened to the first five installments and I enjoyed them very much. Basically it took my mind of the pain, the missing oxygen, and the heavy legs when I ran. So it was great.

P.C. Cast und Kristin Cast – House of Night: Gezeichnet


P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast – House of Night: Marked

This book is about teenage vampires and again another whole myth is created to explain their behavior, their life in boarding school, and their less scary behavior than Dracula originally intended.

It was a nice story, about Zoe Redbird who is suddenly marked and is then part of the vampire community. Here the transformation into a vampire, however, takes many years. So when they leave school they might be a full formed vampire – if they survive. And than again vampire school is not that much different from normal school. You have bullies, queen bees, and the nerdy normal squad just a little “vamped” up. But altogether great for a run.

The other audiobooks I listened to this month will be posted in another blog entry because I will do it in German and I don’t want to confuse anyone.


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