Kristin Cashore – Fire


publisher: Gollancz
published 2009
pages: 384

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Her beauty is a weapon – and Fire is going to use it.

Fire’s exceptional beauty gives her influence and power. People who are susceptible to it will do anything for her attention, and for her affection.

But beauty is only skin deep, and beneath it Fire has a human appreciation of right and wrong. Aware of her ability to influence others, and afraid of it, she lives in a corner of the world away from people – not only to protect herself from their attention, their distrust, and even their hatred.

Yet Fire is not the only danger to the Dells. If she wants to protect her home, if she wants a chance to undo the wrongs of the past, she must face her fears, her abilities, and a royal court full of powerful people with reason to distrust her.

In (Very) Short:

+ 2nd installment in the Graceling Realm Trilogy
+ at first has not apparent connection to the first book
+ good story with likeable characters
+ wonderful and interesting world creation esp. the mind influencing animals
– story itself was somewhat predictable and dribbled a little towards the end

My Opinion:

I read the first installment in this series some years ago. But since I already knew that I can understand Fire without remembering every detail from Graceling (and to be fair, I didn’t remember a lot), I thought it was a good choice.

Fire lives in the Dells and belongs to the unique part of that story world. She is the daughter of a monster and a human. The monsters in that world are beautiful and mind numbing, but most importantly they are also very deadly.

Fire hides away from the world in order to keep the people save from her. But when Fire is attacked repeatedly, she has to leave her hiding place to protect her home. She is thrown into the middle of the royal court and the middle of a possible war. In order to trust her abilities, she has to accept her past to navigate her future.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The world creation is interesting and different and the monsters are magnificent and colorful. The main characters are divers and interesting, although the character pairing is quite obvious from the beginning.

The story is a little predictable and sadly looses its momentum towards the end.

The part of the narration that connects this book to the other in the Graceling Realm Trilogy seemed a little out-of-place for me and felt somewhat forced. But all in all it was an enjoyable and entertaining read.

Bottom Line:

A good fantasy novel with an interesting world creation, likeable characters and a good story. I picked up the last installment of this series shortly after I finished this.


rating 3


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