Sara Paretsky – Deadlock


publisher: Hodder
published 2007
pages: 342

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Who’re working for then, Warshawski?
My Cousin
Boom Boom? He’s dead.
I know. That’s why I’m working for him.

Boom Boom’s body was found floating near the docks, chewed up and spat out by a ship’s propeller. More like brother and sister than cousins, Vic and Boom Boom grew up to be an ice hokey hero, and Vic a private eye.

And now V.I. Warshawski would like to know how, exactly, her cousin died…

In (Very) Short:

+ a typical hard-boiled story with a female private eye
+ simple investigation turns into a big conspiracy
+ personal involvement of the PI because of family ties
+ obligatory attraction of the PI to one of the suspects

My Opinion:

I do enjoy crime stories and although I prefer the Christie like whodunit novels, the occasional hard-boiled story is a must. Since I have read Sara Paretsky before she was a somewhat save choice.

The hard-boiled story focuses on a private investigator (usually a loner), who investigates a simple crime which then turns into something bigger. Although repeatedly asked or warned to leave the investigation alone, the private eye continues and gets hurt him/herself. Booze, violence and sex are not to be missed either.

The private eye in this case is V.I. Warshawski who is a female private investigator. She looks into the death of her cousin only to discover that his death was not an accident. Her cousin was murdered to keep a bigger secret. And Warshawski is sure of that especially after an attempt was made on her life.

I had difficulties getting into the narration this time around. This does not have anything to say about the quality of the book. I was reading a lot of theory everyday and my attention span was nearly non-existent. The only thing that could keep my mind occupied for more than five minutes were usually children’s books.

Despite that it was again an entertaining read and I could somehow guess along with investigator (something that is not so common in the hard-boiled story). I like Warshawksi although she could just leave the booze in the bottle occasionally, but she is feisty and sometimes funny.

The case was intriguing as most of Paretsky’s cases are and the novel followed the hard-boiled tradition well. I was utterly satisfied after reading.

Bottom Line:

 A good hard-boiled crime story with a feisty investigator, a nice conspiracy and the typical booze, violence, and sex. If you know from the beginning what you’re getting, it is great.


rating 3


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