Agatha Christie – Miss Marple’s Final Cases


publisher: Harper Collins
published 2002 (first published 1979)
pages: 240

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Miss Marple always makes a point of ‘taking and interest’ in other people’s affairs, though nothing engages her curiosity quite as much as sudden death, scandal, blackmail or murder.

A wounded man in a church, buried treasure, a fatal riding accident, a corpse and tape-measure, a girl framed for theft, a suspect with a dagger … all cases to be relished by the astonishing Miss Jane Marple.

This collection includes as a bonus the Miss Marple story Greenshaw’s Folly and two additional mysteries: The Dressmaker’s Doll and In a Glass Darkly.

In (Very) Short:

+ collection of short stories
+ short, sweet, and entertaining read
+ two extra mystery stories in addition to Miss Marple’s cases
+ typical Christie

My Opinion:

I would like to read all Poirot and Miss Marple mysteries at on point and in only three books I will have finished with Christie’s Marple mysteries.

In The Final Cases are a collection of short stories centering around the amateur sleuth Jane Marple. In addition to those stories two non-Marple mysteries were published in this collection.

Again Christie’s short stories are an entertaining, short-lived and sweat read but I personally prefer the novels. Her presence was often just short and the stories seem rather pressed into the small amount of space inherent to a short story.

But again the stories itself are good. The novels are just my personal preference.

Bottom Line:

A light and easy read, her short stories are great for late night reads and are quick fix for my whodunit crime story addiction.


rating 3


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