My Reading Month August

August was another quite successful reading month for me. Although I have not read as many books as I read the previous month, it was a good reading month: entertaining, funny, and exiting.

Kristin Cashore – Bitterblue (Graceling Realm #3)

My month started off with the final installments of the Graceling Trilogy. After reading Fire the previous month I wanted to finish this series.

The novel was good and I enjoyed the read. The story was exiting, the new characters likeable and the novel did not shy away from showing the results of mental and physical abuse. Great read.


Bastian Sick – Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sei Tod: Ein Wegweiser durch den Irrgarten der deutschen Sprache (#1)

This book is a collection of newspaper columns on the ridiculous side of the German language. You have to know German quite well to find it funny and understand how many redundant and honestly stupid rules there are and stupid mistakes people make. I loved that it was not a coherent story but columns that I could just read in between other appointments.


Moira Young – Rebel Heart (Dust Lands #2)

After Cashore I started reading Young’s Rebel Heart. I wanted to know how the Dust Lands trilogy continued as there were quite a few open questions after finishing the first book. I am still amazed that I could not put the book down although I was close to strangling on of the main protagonists. In the first installment it was Saba, who got on my nerve. This time it was her brother. At the same time I could not stop reading.

Karin Bergrath – Tod im Anflug: Eine Gänsekrimi

I had to return to a good old crime story after reading so much fantasy, so I picked up a crime novel narrated by a goose. This is a German book and as far as I know it is not translated yet.

The goose Tom tries to figure out who killed the heron Neptun only to be dragged into a murder of a human. Since Tom is a big fan of CSI and Thomas Magnum, he is very well equipped to help the wingless investigators.

This is a really sweet, easy, and funny crime story. It was a great summer read and I thoroughly enjoyed it especially since it was really blood less.

Andrea Schacht – Der Dunkle Spiegel (#1)

I read one or two historical novels in my time, yet I am quite reluctant to enter that genre. This novel however is a historical crime story, so I felt somewhat save as it is down my alley.

Again this book is a German book, focusing on the middle ages in Cologne and I don’t believe this will be translated into English, but if you read German I recommend this book.

Although it started quite slow (for me at least, but I assume that is typical for a historical novel), the case was interesting and exiting, the main protagonist Almut was a feisty, strong woman for her time, and her sidekicks were likeable and sympathetic. I am looking forward to read more.


Susan Rich – Mein kleiner Horrortrip

This is a collection of short and very short horror stories by many different authors. The eye on the cover caught my attention and I picked it up and browsed through. I honestly have to say that some stories very quite horrific since my imagination just ran with those ideas. Others were actually quite funny. The book is written for young adults maybe since most of the stories play with those myths such as the monster under the bed etc. The right book for every ghost story and horror fan.


Patricia Schröder – Meeresflüstern (#1)

The last book this month was another fantasy story. Again a written by a German author and not translated yet. However, it touches upon themes found in some young adult fantasy books such as Josephine Angelini’s Starcrossed trilogy and Meyer’s Vampire Saga, while at the same time mixing it up with new fantasy aspect of the mermaid (do I say mer-people when I want to be gender neutral?).

The book is about a young woman, Elodie, who moves to Guernsey to come to terms with her father’s death and to learn to control her fear of water. There she meets a mysterious boy who could know something about the death of a young woman murdered on the island and whom she feels she has to protect.

I enjoyed the themes the book touched upon, the story itself was a little calm for my taste.


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