My Reading Month October

This time around I am a little late and I’m really sorry. I was so occupied with bureaucratic crap (pardon my french) and spend hours waiting and filling out applications (that nobody will ever look at again and that I have already submitted to another part of the same department, which is just two doors down the hall; but no, there is no way in hell to pick the documents up from that office – way to easy). Sorry for ranting, but I am a little frustrated and I know there are a lot more where that came from ahead of me. So yay!!!

Anyway, back to the book part of last month. Though it was clearly not my best month (because there were days where I couldn’t be bothered to even read an email), it was still ok. I had difficulties getting through some of the books because those were books I had to read in a sitting (and didn’t really had the time) or were quite tedious to get through. So to get into the swing of things I started of with a little children’s fiction.


Kate Klise, M. Sarah Klise – Friedhofstraße 43: Ein Gespenst kommt selten allein (43 Old Cemetery Road – Till Death Do Us Bark)

This is the third book in the series and it is as lovely as the previous books. The illustrations are great, the story is funny and cute, and Olivia Spence was maybe a little annoying. All together a great and funny read.

Maria V. Snyder – Fire Study

I don’t really know what to write about this series than I love it. I loved the first, I loved the second, I loved the third. It was quite the ride through the final installment and sometimes the many narrative twists and turns were even to fast and loose for me. I had to catch my breath a few times. But this is a great series. I am a little sad it’s over.


Ekaterina Sedia – Die Geheime Geschichte Moskaus

I have never read a fantasy novel by a Russian author and I was interested. I did not get along with the story and I had difficulties following the narrative. There were just so many narrative strands that I lost track of the main story line. Since I am not very familiar with Russian mythology and tales, I was lost among all those different mythical figures. I think it is generally a cultural thing though. If I knew more about the myths and tales, I probably enjoy the story more.

Kate Klise, M. Sarah Klise – Friedhofstraße 43: Das Phantom im Postamt (43 Old Cemetery Road – The Phantom in the Post Office)

After more bureaucracy filled days I returned to Old Cemetery Road and again this was very good. Finally Seymor meets someone his own age. While “Till Death Do us Bark” was funny and entertaining, “The Phantom of the Post Office” was actually quite “thrilling” and adventurous. Really good.


Marcus Sedgwick – Gold und Geisterjagd (Ghosts and Gadgets)

I ended my month with another rather spooky and ghostly book. Marcus Sedgwick has written a wonderful book about the Otherhand family and their raven Edgar. It is a nice and entertaining book, that was funny, cute, and a little spooky. The right book for Halloween (at least for me since I really don’t like scary things).


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