October Book Haul

As usual I bought many books that I maybe, probably, most certainly did not need since my pile of unread books grows all the time. I know, I have a problem. Well, actually more than one, but I digress… So let’s get to the books I bought:


Derek Landy – Skulduggery Pleasant


Meet Skulduggery Pleseant: detective, magician, warrior. Oh yes, and dead.

I heard about this series from a friend who said it was an adventurous detective fiction about a young girl who works together with a skeleton detective. My friend explained it a lot better and more detailed, but I have forgotten a lot of that conversation. I just remember it sounded good and I put it on my wish list immediately and now I got it as a bargain on eBay. And I can’t say no to a bargain.

Agatha Christie as Mary Westmacott – Giant’s Bread


Vernon Deyre is a sensitive and brilliant musician, even a genius. But there is a high price to be paid for his talent, especially by his family and the two women in his life. His sheltered childhood in the home he loves has not prepared Vernon for the harsh reality of his adult years, and in order to write the great masterpiece of his life, he has to make a crucial decision with no time left to count the cost…

Ebay has been my weakness for the past month. Since I was working late and had to wait for programs to complete list etc that I could than work on, I looked through eBay and found quite a lot. Agatha Christie is usually something that is never bad, but this is actually a novel she wrote under her pseudonym Mary Westmacott and it is a lot bigger than her usual novels are. So, I probably should not expect a Poirot/Marple kind of story, but it’s a Christie. It can’t be that bad.


Elisabeth Herrmann – Konstanze


Palermo im 13Jahrhundert: Die junge Witwe Konstanze von Aragon wird mit Friedrich, dem nach Sizilien verbannten Thronerben der Staufer, verheiratet. Was niemand für möglich hält geschieht: die beiden verlieben sich ineinander. Mit Konstanzes Hilfe wird aus dem ungehobelten Rebellen Frederico ein umschwärmter Kaiser des Heiligen Römischen Reiches deutscher Nation, Friedrich der Staufer. Doch das Schicksal hält für Konstanze und Friedrich schwere Rückschläge bereit, die sie vor großen Herausforderung stellen.

Elisabeth Herrmann – Konstanze: Die 2 Könige


Palermo im 13. Jahrhundert: Konstanze von Aragon und Friedrich, der nach Sizilien verbannte Thronerbe der Staufer, sind am Ziel ihrer Wünsche. Kurz nach der traumhaften Hochzeit erwartet Konstanze ein Kind, und das Glück scheint ihnen hold. Da fällt ein Schatten auf ihre Liebe. König Otto hat sich mit einem gewaltigen Heer nach Süditalien aufgemacht.

Since I am going to a reading in November I purchased some of the books for the signing for myself and as presents for family and friends. Elisabeth Herrmann actually writes a lot of thriller,but she has published these two historical novels. I chose those for me because I was not in the mood for thriller. The last once I have been reading were so gruesome and disgusting, that I just had to stop for a while. And since I got both books as a deal, I had to have them.


Agatha Christie – A Cat Among Pigeons


Late one night, two teachers investigate a mysterious flashing light in the sports pavilion, while the rest of the school sleeps. There, among the lacross sticks, they stumble upon the body of the unpopular games mistress – shot through the heart from point-blank range.

The school is thrown into chaos when the ‘cat’ strikes again. Unfortunately, schoolgirl Julia Upjohn knows too much. In particular, she knows that without Hercule Poirot’s help, she will be the next victim…

Another Christie I got off eBay. This time it is not published under a pseudonym, but is a good old Poirot novel. Let’s see if I can figure this one out before the end.

Jospehine Angelini – Dreamless


Heartbroken and forbidden from being with Lucas, Helen has been tasked with breaking the curse that keeps them apart by killing the Furies. She spends her nights wandering the Underworld in search of them and, tormented by her worst nightmares made real, she’s beginning to suffer from extreme exhaustion of top of heartbreak.

One night, Helen meets another person down in the shadowy Underworld: Orion, descended from Adonis and with the power to control desire. Still in love with Lucas but drawn to this seductive stranger Helen must make a choice that could save her life but break her heart.

This is the second installment in the Starcrossed trilogy. I have read the first part and it is a nice book. In retrospect, the love story is a little and maybe more than a little annoying, but I really like the Greek mythology and the rewriting and using of those myths. (Since I really enjoyed Percy Jackson and the Olympians, I gave this a try) The basic idea is really good and entertaining. And as usual I do like the minor characters a lot more and want to know what happens to them. So I am looking forward to the book.


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