November Book Haul

This month book haul has been quite small and I wouldn’t really consider it a haul. But I managed to restrain myself and I am quite proud of me. One book I bought for myself and the other I got as a present.


Petra Schier – Vier Pfoten unterm Weihnachtsbaum

Ein magischer Weihnachtshund.

Tessa Lamberti ist ratlos. Nichts wünscht sich ihr Sohn Lukas mehr als einen Hund – und einen Vater. Kurz vor Weihnachten macht er sich auf die Suche. Der Hund ist schnell gefunden, doch statt für Familienfrieden zu sorgen, bringt das Tier ein lang gehütetes Geheimnis ans Licht – und Tessa in arge Schwierigkeiten. Nun muss sie endlich erkennen, wen sie wirklich liebt.

This is a Christmas story which centers around a dog. A friend of mine recommended this to me if I was in a romantic and soppy kind of mood, because these stories are supposedly quite corny but than again Christmas is the time for corny. I found it on sale and I thought I just give it a go.

Marie Lu – Legend

Los Angeles, California, Republic of America

He is Day, the boy who walks in the light.

She is June, the girl who seeks her brother’s killer.

On the run and undercover, they meet by chance. Irresistibly drawn together, neither knows the other’s past. But Day murdered June’s brother and she has sworn to avenge his death.

Another young adult fantasy that was on my wish list and that sounded good. My mom found it and gave it to me as a present. She is great like that. Anyway. I am not sure how this is gonna be, I read mixed reviews about the book but many agree that the second book is even better. So, I have to read the first to read the second and I hope I will get to it some time soon.


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