Reading Resolutions 2014

I set up a couple of reading resolutions for this year. I usually don’t sit down at December 31st and think about resolutions because that generally does not work. However, some have been spinning around my head for a while now. So it took me a while to decide which ones to really go for. (I have many wacky ideas and by now I know to wait just a little while before the first start to disappear again or the rational part of my brain takes over). Most of these reading resolutions are my personal challenges. There are probably many versions of those challenges out there, but their goals are often really to high for me. So, I came up with some goals of my own.

1. Reading Challenge 2014

Host: Goodreads
Goal: 65 books

Last year I managed to read 60 books (and my original goal was only 50) and this time I upped the ante and am trying to read 65 books. I think that will be a tough one especially since I am currently still in a little bit of a reading slump, but it’s the beginning of the year. Things will eventually pick up again.

2. Classic Challenge 2014 (personal challenge)

Host: Me
Goal: 6 books

Since my reading is generally quite fantasy heavy and I still have so many unread classics on my shelves, I will try to include more in my everyday reading. So a little challenge might help me to keep up with that resolution. I have put the titles of my classics in a jar and once I finished one, I will just draw the next.

3. Attack on the TBR pile 2014 (personal challenge)

Host: Me
Goal: 12 books

My TBR pile slowly increases and though I read a bit, there are more incoming books than outgoing. So I will try to read some that have been on my TBR pile for a while. The books that add themselves to my TBR pile this year [2014] (and they really do it on their own – they really want to come, you know. Really, I have almost nothing to do with it 🙂 ), don’t count here. It’s quite ambitious, but well, here goes nothing.

4. Finish Series Challenge 2014 (personal challenge)

Host: Me
Goal: finish 5 series

There is a wonderful Finish-Book-Series Challenge called Serial Killer Challenge by Martina from martinabookaholic, but that is just way to high a goal for me. If I manage to finish 5 series (trilogies, multiple book series etc.) that would be quite an achievement.

5. Agatha Christie Challenge (no time limit)

Host: Me
Goal: To read all of Christie’s novels

This is probably the weirdest challenge of all, but I want to read all of Christie’s novels – and those are quite a few. That’s also the reason why there is not time limit to this challenge because it will probably take my entire life to get that done. And as much as I like Christie, there are just so many novels you can read before it gets boring and predictable. This year I would like to finish her Marple mysteries since I have only three more books left. But we’ll see. So here is to a challenge of a lifetime (literally).

Let’s see how well I do. I will keep you posted 🙂


2 thoughts on “Reading Resolutions 2014

    • Vielen lieben Dank. Am Anfang sieht es wirklich ein bisschen viel aus, aber da sich die Challenges an sich überschneiden und ich dann das gleiche Buch in verschiedenen Challenges unterbringen könnte, ist es dann gleich etwas weniger “schlimm”. Liebe Grüße nach England. Franzi

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