My Reading Month March

Lately, coordinating life, work, writing, and reading has been a little tricky. That’s why I am so behind on everything. I really hope to catch up soon. Please bear with me.
My reading month was quite good. Though it is not a lot, I enjoyed the books and they helped to stop my brain from going into overdrive.

Adam Switz – Eine Dunkle und Grimmige Geschichte

I started my month with this little treasure. It is a retelling of many of Grimm’s fairy tales (supposedly the true story). All the fairy tales are beautifully connected and you can still read this story by story without loosing sight of the overall link. When I read it, I thought is was actually quite bloody and gruesome, but thinking about the original fairy tales – it really isn’t different. They are brutal. Still, I have never perceived them that way. Anyway. It was a really good and entertaining read.

eine dunkle und grimmige geschichte

Jesse Andrews – Ich und Earl und das sterbende Mädchen

There are a lot of cancer/terminal illness books and/or movies out there apparently. I have to confess that I have not read John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, yet. But after reading this book, I will some time soon. I really enjoyed the read. It was an interesting way of addressing the topic of death and loss. The writing was fluent and altogether a really good read.

ich und earl und das sterbende mädchen

Annelie Wendeberg – The Devil’s Grin

After my dose of serious contemporary fiction, I fled into Sherlock’s arms. The Devil’s Grin is a crime story, with a female protagonists, who dresses as a man in order to work as a bacteriologist. Her secret is discovered by Holmes, who does not tell, but helps her investigate a case the police has dropped. Altogether, it was a solid read. I am not sure, how I feel about Anne Kronberg (the protagonist), and this version of Sherlock, but with Benedict Cumberbatch in my head, everything is good.

the devil's grin

Dieter Nuhr – Nuhr auf Sendung

This is a book by a German comedian and it contains short diary-like pieces in which the author reflects on his life, his country and the world. Really funny and enjoyable. Loved it because it was short and I could read it in between appointments or during a break.


Marie Lu – Legend

I have been eyeing my final book for a while now and I finally caved. I really enjoyed it. The story might have been a little predictable and some readers did not like the very fast developing love between the protagonists. It did not bother me, because it did not feel like it was dominating the narrative. I really enjoyed the world building, which I hope to read more about. The entire conspiracy is intriguing. So, I am very interested to see how this one turns out.


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