Alison Goodman – Eon: Rise of the Dragoneye


publisher: David Flicking Books
published 2008
pages: 430

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Two swords, angled for slicing, came whirring towards my chest. My block was simple: a step back of the back leg, a shift of weight, my right sword joining the left in front of me, cutting side slanted down. His blades hit mine. The impact resonated through my arm bones.
Does young Eon have the power to become a Dragoneye? Now the years of grueling training, under a ruthlessly ambitious master, will be put to the test: it’s time for the terrifying Rat Dragon to choose his next apprentice.

In (Very) Short:

+ a great young adult fantasy adventure
+ exiting, entertaining, thrilling
+ great world creation, wonderful characters
+ the struggle within the character do not overshadow the bigger battle fought between good and evil

My Opinion:

I had this book on my shelf for some time now, and I can’t quite believe that it took me so long to read it. I was a great book – entertaining, adventurous, and touching upon topics that I have not come across in fantasy yet.

Eon is really Eona, who pretends to be a boy in order to be chosen as Dragoneye. Girls are not allowed to have dragon magic. After a long time of pretending and living as a boy, after hours and hours of training, the time has come for the Rat Dragon to pick his new Dragoneye apprentice. Though the Rat Dragon does not choose Eon, the Mirror Dragon, which has been lost for over 500 years, returns and claims Eon. This miraculous return initiates a power struggle. Can Eon keep up appearance while being the center of everyone’s attention.

This story was an adventure story without the love triangle or any other true-love related theme. It focused on Eona’s identity crises and her journey of coming to terms with the truth. I enjoyed that Eona was not suddenly powerful and cunning, but that she was lost and slowly learning and understanding. This gave us time to learn and understand the world alongside her.

The world creation was wonderful, the characters well-developed, the writing vivid, fluent and yet again fluffy. I was carried through the story. I particularly liked that Eona’s gender crisis (having lived as Eon for so long, she has suppressed Eona, who struggles to break free) or issue was not limited to the main character. It is also present in other characters such as Lady Della. She is biologically a man who lives as a woman.

It is the first time for me that I came cross the transgender and transsexual topic as being part of a fantasy narrative. I would have preferred that the issue was more accepted and normal within this fantasy world. But I loved that Lady Della is respected in her own country and (partially) at court, and that she has accepted who she is.

Bottom Line:

A great story, wonderful world creation, and new and interesting topics. An exiting fantasy adventure.


rating 4


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