Fiona Foden – Life, Death and Gold Leather Trousers

Gold Leather Trousers

publisher: Scholastic UK Ltd.
published 2011
pages 291

eBook (English)


Riley Hart is heart-stoppingly cute. Clover has a major crush. Unfortunately, Riley is also best mates with Clover’s arch nemesis, Sophie.
But right now, Clover’s life holds bigger problems. Jupe, her beloved rock-star uncle, has died and Clover will never know what she did to make him cut her out of his life
Is there anyone who can tell Clover the truth? Could Jupe have cared, even at the end? If only Riley would leave Sophie’s evil grasp and help her find out…(Goodreads)

In (Very)Short:

+ contemporary children’s/young adult novel (somewhere in between)
+ relatable and likeable main character
+ great way to deal with the topic of divorce and family

My Opinion:

It’s been quite a time since I read this book and I honestly don’t remember everything. Clover loves music, has a little sister with whom she shares a room, and her parents separate. As if that is not bad enough, she likes a boy who is best friends with her worst enemy and her uncle has broken of all contact with her.

Clover tries to deal with all the changes in her life and come to terms with her family situation. When her uncle dies and leaves everything to Clover’s mother, long-buried feelings start to unraveled.

I really enjoyed the book. It dealt with topics such as divorce, new family members, and death – all this without being in any way depressing. The book dealt with those topics without forcing the issues upon the protagonist or looking down on the Clover in any way. Everything progressed naturally.

Although I get quite frustrated with young protagonists, who make decisions that I don’t understand (and yes that is probably because I am old), I was able to relate to Clover and her feelings. I was as mad at Clover’s parents as she was and I was as frustrated as Clover was. Foden’s way of writing was so captivating, that I identified with her protagonist. Otherwise I would have not felt the way I did while reading the book. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and let’s be honest the title is just great.

Bottom Line:

A great book with a relatable and loveable main character, fluent writing, dealing with different forms of love and support.


rating 4


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