June/July/August Book Haul

I was pretty good the past months and did not buy a lot. Since only a two books moved in each month, I did not make a post about them because I kinda ran out of time towards the end of each day. It’s been busy and just let some things slide. So, I decided to sum them up in one post which really looks nicer than just two books a month. (*desperately trying to justify the neglect*)

Laurie Viera Rigler – Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict

A modern LA girl, wakes up in a different body in Regency England. She has read enough Austen, but will she manage her new life and how will she get back to her own life. And does she really want to? Well, I do like Austen books and when I stumbled across this one I had to have it.

Maryrose Wood – The Poison Diaries

In the right dose, everything is a poison. Another book I found perusing eBay and I just bought it. I don’t really know why. It’s about a girl who grew up knowing a lot about plants and poison and then she meets a boy. It’s a book in a series, but as far as I have figured out the last installment is not and will not be published anymore. So maybe this is bad. But I’ll see when I read it.

july august haul 1

Agatha Christie – Nemesis

A Marple mystery. Since I want to finish the Marple mysteries this year, it is the penultimate book that I still have to read. And so I slowly creep closer to the finish line.

Die Zeitdetektive Entdecker-Handbuch: Wikinger

The Time Detectives (that’s my very bad translations of the German term) are three young kids who can travel through time and solve mysteries and the occasional crime. Although those are books, I have listened to them as audiobooks and really enjoyed them. That series has also developed some non-fictional books about the times that the stories are set in. This one is about the Vikings and it contains historical facts, quizzes, games and notes from the three adventurers. It is made for kids and it sounded really nice. And since I got a bargain, I though I get it. I don’t know a lot about the Vikings anyway. So time to know some more.

july august haul 2

Nina Blazon – Die Totenbraut

Jasna is bought from her parents by a stranger and she is brought into the stranger’s country to marry his son. But soon she realizes that a curse weighs on the family and when people start to die, Jasna tries to uncover the truth.
It’s a mixture of historical fiction, fantasy, and crime fiction. At least that’s what is sounds like, so again I had to take it with me when I stumble across it in a bargain bin. I really should broaden my reading taste and Blazon is a well-known German young adult author…so I just had to.

Catharina Sundberg – Die Kupferhändlerin

This is my first historical novel by a Swedish author which deals with the Hanseatic League and a well-known pirate of the Baltic Sea: Störtebecker. Well, I should know a lot more about this time (which I don’t or I used to but I forgot a lot since school), so I thought this might be a nicer introduction than a history book.


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