My Reading Month September

My reading month was not as successful as I would have wanted and I am pretty sure that I won’t be able to complete many of my challenges this year. But I am OK with that. There is enough pressure out there so I am not gonna put any more on me when it comes to a hobby. So, here are the books that I have finished in September:

Corina Bomann – Die Samurai Prinzessin: Der Spiegel der Göttin

The Samurai Princess is a historical novel written by a German author. A young girl (Tomoe) is found by priests after her family was killed and is brought to their monastery. There she learns to fight and waits patiently to exact her revenge for her parents deaths. However, the gods have chosen her to find the three insignia of the emperor. While Tomoe searches for the first regalia – the mirror of the sun goddess Amaterasu – she is caught between two warring families…
The book was sadly disappointing. Although I really looked forward to the book and I liked the premise of it, it was not an easy read. I had to force myself through some of the pages, it was slow, there was a lot of waiting and almost no action. The author wanted to incorporate many myths and aspects that it just got very convoluted. I couldn’t really relate to or sympathize with the character. Sadly not my cup of tea.

swimming with fishes die samurai prinzessin 1

Marie Janice Davidson – Sleeping with the Fishes

After my rather slow historical novel, I wanted something fast paced that just washed over me. So, I picked up my first Marie Janice Davidson book. And it was what I needed. It was easy, fast, sometimes funny, a little predictable, but a good a solid read.

Polly Horvath – Herr und Frau Hase: Die Superdetektive

So, after my fast „adult“ fix, I grabbed this lovely book: Mr. and Mrs. Bunny: Detectives Extraordinaire. I just saw the cover in the library and I had to take it. So cute. Again this was a fast read and a lovely adventure story. I am not sure in how far this really is for children. While I smiled at a few points, I am not necessarily sure kids will get this. The characters were lovable, the writing was fluent, and the illustrations cute and fitting.

nemesis herr und frau hase 1

Agatha Christie – Nemesis

Well what can I say. I needed a fix and I loved every page of it. Miss Marple was part of the story from the beginning (unlike in some of Christie’s other novels). I liked the premise of this story: Miss Marple was asked to help an acquaintance and „solve“ a mystery. But she was not told what that mystery was about. She basically knew nothing. It was a great and easy read with a loveable Miss Marple.


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