My Reading Month October

My reading month was pretty good and I am quite happy. I probably not gonna match my final goal of 65 books this year, but still very happy about this month.

Josephine Angelini – Dreamless

I started this month with the second installment of the Starcrossed trilogy, which was enjoyable and entertaining. Helen descends into the Underworld every night and after many hours, days, and weeks of despair, she finally meets someone living and willing to help her – of course he does not look bad either… I thoroughly enjoyed the book which had a lot more going than guys and Underworld hopping, but I don’t want to spoil too much since it is the second book in the series.


Ryan Attard – The Pandora Chronicles

My first review copy was a Sci Fi – adventure – mystery novel. It had pirates, archeologists, aliens, in it and it was set in different times.
It was a solid and enjoyable read with lots of action with an Indiana Jones feel to it.

Gayle Ramage – The Trouble with Pixie

This short story was actually quite fun. I decided to read it because it is set in Edinburgh. If that is your choice for reading this … there is not a lot of Edinburgh in it. But the pixie hunt was hilarious. Don’t read it when in a serious mood.

Hiawyn Oram – Rumblewicks Tagebuch: Hilfe meine Hexe sucht Freundinnen

I just love Rumblewick’s Diaries. The series is funny, cute, and entertaining. The story is narrated by the cat Rumblewick who gets into trouble in the witch world because his witch just does not want to be so witchy. Really cute.

rumblewicks diary 3

Nancy Butler – Pride and Prejudice (The Graphic Novel)

My first graphic novel was more of an experiment and since I haven’t read any others, I don’t feel to knowledgeable and comfortable to write a review. I feel like I need to read more graphic novels first. Anyway. I love Pride and Prejudice and of course I enjoyed it. The story was taken directly from the book. You couldn’t do anything wrong there and just as Nancy Butler said in the introduction: You don’t mess with Jane.

Pride and Prejudice

Felix Anschütz et al. – Entschuldigung, sind sie die Wurst?

This is a collection of conversations and situations that people have overheard while listening to other people. The original idea come from New York, where people would send in such stories to Now, this is the German version and it was hilarious, strange, weird and occasionally crazy. A great read for in between since the stories are very short. Good fun.

Entschuldigung sind sie die Wurst

Agatha Christie – Hallowe’en Party

After my Marple mystery last month I decided to go with a fall theme and pick up a Poirot mystery. It was a good read, but not the best. I barely remember what really happened in the book. A young girl was murdered after she claimed she witnessed a murder some time ago herself. So Poirot started to investigate. It lacked motive and possible suspects, it dealt with so many past mysteries/murders and of course everything was connected in the end. Good, but not great.

Hallowe'en Party


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