Gayle Ramage – The Trouble With Pixies (Edinburgh Elementals #1)

trouble with pixies

published 2012
pages: 17

Book (English)


Michael has just moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, to make a fresh start with his three children. While they’re out exploring the city, he’s relaxing with a glass of wine.
That is until a knock on the front door leads to a bizarre revelation from a strange, red-haired woman and encounter in the attic with some grumpy, swearing pixies. (Goodreads)

In (Very) Short:

+ “short story”
+ fun, fantasy story
+ father meets Pixie hunter

My Opinion:

I stumbled across this short story when I was looking for a present and then I got myself one 🙂 The story was set in Edinburgh and so I picked it out. If you want to read this because if Edinburgh – don’t.

The story was sweet, short, entertaining and hilarious. It might not necessarily be YA as it seems a little more childish, but at the same time I don’t think it’s for kids either. Michael has moved into a new house with his kids and when they are gone to get some food, someone rings the bell. So, he not only meets a Pixie exterminator (yes, you read right) but he also meets some pixies.

Don’t take the whole story to serious: Using a paintball gun to capture pixies is funny and that’s what the story is about.

Bottom Line:

Will continue to read more of this stories. Fun. However, not for serious minds.


rating 4


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