My Reading Month January

My reading year did start a little turbulent. I have put my back out and could not move very well. I finally finished my project and handed that in and ever since that I am not the same anymore. Everybody always said that you will fall into a hole and I always believed that I will be so relieved to have time to read and will do nothing else. But I haven’t finished a book since I am done. I cannot sit down and concentrate. I feel restless most of the time. Thankfully, I still enjoy and can concentrate on audiobooks but only because I am constantly on the move while doing that. Hence my reading month was not successful at all.

Thomas Hermanns – Das Tomatensaft-Mysterium: Fliegen in der Comedy Class

This was the first book that I finished in 2015 and it was a nice read. A German comedian wrote about his endless experiences flying in Germany. We accompany him from booking to flying and he points out the weird, the funny, and the plain crazy about the flight experience. It was entertaining and it made me laugh a few times. Entertaining read but not breath-taking.

the assassin and the pirate lord

Sarah J. Maas – The Assassin and the Pirate Lord

This is the first novella set in the Throne of Glass series and it shows how Celaena Sardothien, now the kings assassin, has lived before she was captured and “won” her place at the palace. I enjoyed the story because it connected me back to the world and I thought it was interesting to see what kind of person she was and what she did prior to the Throne of Glass novel where we met her. Good read.

Sadly this was it concerning my reading month, but since I don’t want this post to be super short, I just add the audiobooks that I listened to this month. All of them were read in German. Three were written by German authors and two where written by English-speaking authors. I will also add the English title below.

Alison Goodman – Eona: Drachentochter/ Eon – The Rise of the Dragoneye

I have already read this book some time ago and really enjoyed it. I wanted to know what it would be like in German and it did not disappoint. Eon is a potential candidate to become the next Dragoneye, but he is crippled and he is really a girl. Eona. But it is forbidden for girls to be a Dragoneye. When the Mirror Dragon, who has disappeared 500 years ago, suddenly returns and chooses Eon as its Dragoneye, plans, intrigues, and secret plots take on a live of its own. Wonderful story, still trying to get my hands on the next part.

Sarah Lark – Die Zeit der Feuerblüten

A historical novel set in New Zealand and combining the narrative strands of many characters that slowly intertwine. It was very entertaining. Something about Sarah Larks writing and story telling hooks me and I have to know how it continues. Really good.

Eva Völler – Zeitenzauber: Die Magische Gondel

A young adult time travel story. I really enjoyed the premise and the story. Young girl travels in time, cannot go back because of some weird rule, has to stop a horrible event from happening to save the future, has to uncover some conspiracy to do all that and be allowed back into her own time. It might sound cliché or a little convoluted, but it was a great story. I really liked it.

Hilke Rosenboom – Die Teeprinzessin

A young adult historical novel about a young girl, who knows and loves tea, but is not allowed to work as anything else than a maid. After many trials and tribulations, she finally gets her chance to travel to China and India to buy tea and is entangled in even more adventure. Although I was a little annoyed with the protagonist at times, it was again entertaining and interesting. I surely appreciate my tea a lot more now.

Jessica Khoury – Die Einzige/ Origin

The last audio book is again a young adult novel. I must have been on a roll since it was again really good. Somewhere in the Amazon lives a girl who cannot die. She has never left the compound she was born in, she was bred to withstand disease and even death and she is lonely. After she has to chance to escape for a little bit, she learns a lot more about the world, herself, and the people who have created her and how she was created. The story started a little slow but picked up pace in the second half. I really liked the protagonist and I was able to understand why she acted the way she did. Again a very good audio book.


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