December/January Book Haul

Since I did not manage to post a haul for December, I decided to combine my December and January hauls. I have accumulated quite a few books over the past two months. But it was Christmas and there was my birthday and then I was stressed and needed some treats 🙂

Sarah J. Maas – Heir of Fire

This is the third book in the trilogy (which is now turned into a series; maybe kinda like Trudi Canavan’s Black Magicians Trilogy which continued with the Traitor Spy Trilogy; I am not sure). I am looking forward to continue and/or finish the trilogy, yet I am reluctant to start. It took me a while to get into the second book and I did not enjoy it as much as the first. I just hope this one is better and has some form of closure.

Rae Carson – The Crown of Embers and The Bitter Kingdom

These are books 2 and 3 in the trilogy, which I have read over a year ago (I think even 1 1/2 years ago). I gifted them to myself for my birthday. I really enjoyed the first book because it was a different to other fantasy series, but I am not sure if I should reread the first one since it’s been a while.

Terry Pratchett – Dodger

I have never read a Pratchett novel. I don’t know why, maybe because I am not sure whether they are a series or just set in the same world without being dependent on each other. They were just to many of them and I was confused. However, I found this one as a bargain and thought I might give it a try.

Renee Holler – Das Geheimnis des Goldenen Salamanders

I stumbled upon this adventure novel for children or maybe young adults, which is set in England in the 1670s (I think). It is a historical adventure story and I am currently in the mood for either reading or listening to them. They are primarily fun and exiting without the whole teenage angst all the time. I hope this one will not disappoint.

Walter Moers – Das Labyrinth der Träumenden Bücher

Like Pratchett an author that is widely famous in Germany and I have not yet read a book. I found this in a bargain bin because it had a few scratches, but I had to give it a new home. It is a later book in the series and again I am not sure whether I need to read the others before in order to understand or if they are somewhat stand alone only set in the same world. But I will figure that out.

december 2015 haul

Wolfram Hänel – Ein Fall für die Weihnachtsdetektive

I could not walk past this book: a Christmas story told in 24 chapters and of course a crime story for children. It is illustrated and in order to get to each chapter, I have to separate the pages. They are “stuck” together and I have to open each chapter. The book is also illustrated and the writing is in red. I just really like the design.

Marliese Arold – Dem Pharao Versprochen

I have read some books by this author and enjoyed her writing and her stories. This is set in Egypt (I like) and tells the story of a young woman who has to marry the Pharaoh but likes someone else. Sounds a little mushy, but there are times when one really is in the mood for mush.

Vicky Alvear Shecter – Mondmädchen/ Cleopatra’s Moon

Another book set in Egypt about Cleopatra’s daughter. Well, I really like the old myths and stories about Egypt, so I took it home.

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Hieronymus Frosch: Das hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen

I have read and some and own quite a few books by the author and I love them. The stories are cute and entertaining. Great for reading to your kids and short as well. The illustrations are wonderful and since this book is about an inventor frog, the writing is in green and some of the illustrations are also in green, while others are in color.

Patrick Carman – Strengstens Verboten: Willkommen im Hotel Whippet/ Floors

Another kids book which sounded quirky and fun. The Whippet is a hotel in which Leo lives with his dad, who is the maintenance man. He stumbles into an adventure when he discovers boxes that lead him to hidden floors, strange puzzles and ducks. Sounds good and fun, so I took it with me.

Nina Balzon – Lagua: Der Fluch der Schwarzen Gondel

I listened to a time travel novel set in Venice when I came across this book also set in Venice. This book seems to also have a supernatural touch. A coursed gondola, two warring families, and four kids who try to discover the truth. Sounds like a good adventure story.

Josephine Angelini – Goddess

The final book in the Starcrossed Trilogy. I really enjoyed the first two books. They were entertaining and easy to read. I really like to know how that whole situation unfolds and concludes. I looking forward to meeting old friends.


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