Reading Habits and Rituals #1

Throughout the past years, I have notice that my reading has changed, that my interests shifted or have broadened, and that my rituals surrounding the reading have adapted to my current situations. I have always read books, yet in times of crisis I have read more. When I am stressed or don’t have that much time, I tend to read more pages than at times when I am not stressed. Since I made those observations and spend a minute thinking about it, I discusses this with friends and I found the answers interesting. So, I came up with a questionnaire on reading habits. I have asked some people ranging from different age groups and backgrounds (that don’t necessarily have a blog) about their reading habits and rituals – just because I think it is interesting. Thus, I attempt to post a different interview each month. I start with myself. If you are interested in participating, please let me know. 🙂

1. Where do you like to read? Do you have a special place?

I read almost everywhere when there is time for it. But I do love my bed, my favorite (and really only) comfortable arm-chair, and my parents garden right under the cherry tree.


2. When do you read the most? On vacation, before you go to bed?

I almost always read before I go to sleep, on the weekend, and on the train. I also attempt to read some time in the late afternoon or early evening to just wind down from the day’s excitement. I try to squeeze it in whenever and wherever I can.

3. Why do you grab a book?

To wind down and to escape my thoughts and reality.

4. Are you a mood reader or a season reader?

I am more of a mood reader. I don’t care what season it is. If I am in the mood for a Christmas book in June, I will read it.

5. What do you need around when your read or what don’t you need around you? Do you grab food and drink, do you want people around, does music play in the background?

I like food and stuff around but I am also fine without. I can’t do music though. All other noises are pretty much OK, but music makes me my mind drift. Not helpful.

6. Did you read a lot when you were a teenager? If yes, did you keep it a secret?

I always read. But I don’t recall if it was a lot. I was quite lucky that most of my friends were very accepting and some quite dorky like me, so I did not keep it a secret. But I did not broadcast it either.

7. Do you tell your friends what kind of genres you read (even the embarrassing ones) or do you keep it to yourself?

It depends on the person. Now most of my friends know that and what I read and since many of them have kids its good because I can recommend some books.

8. Would you reveal to us what the most embarrassing book/genre is that you enjoy?

I was always embarrassed to read YA fantasy and I still am a little. I have never read Shades of Grey or any other of that kind – what’s the genre? Erotic literature? I think I would just keep that to myself.

9. What are your favorite genres?

Fantasy, YA fantasy, crime fiction (mostly whodunit really), middle grade adventure/fantasy/mystery books, science fiction. I do like an occasional non-fiction book in between like experience reports or historical things. I also enjoy a historical novel. But I listen to them as audiobooks because the descriptions are sometimes quite detailed and listening to them is easier.

10. Has your work, studies or school influenced your reading and how?

Yes, I studied American Studies and other subjects and all included lots of canonized literature, so I went for the opposite. I started to read YA and children’s literature because it would just help me to wind down and there was no pressure. My studies however hooked me onto crime fiction especially the early writers. However, many of the required readings were enjoyable, but of course there were also the awful, slow, and plain terrible ones.


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