Reading Habits and Rituals #2 with Cathy Ryan

So here is my second reading-habits-and-rituals interview with the lovely Cathy from Between the Lines, who was so generous with her time. I am really happy about this interview.
The post was supposed to be published by the end of May, it is a little later now … well, you know, life sometimes happens.
But let’s get started. First, I will give you a few facts about Cathy (go check out her blog – it’s really great) before diving into the interrogation (sorry, currently working on the defense of my dissertation and hence a lot of crime fiction terminology seems to creep up 🙂 ).

Have fun and enjoy.

1. Where do you like to read? Do you have a special place?

I like to read, or listen, anywhere at anytime but when I’m at home this is my usual place…


© Cathy Ryan

and I take advantage of any spare minutes to pick up a book or plug myself into the iPod. If I’m doing chores, or in the car, anywhere reading isn’t an option then I’ll listen to an audiobook. So I have a hard copy and an audiobook on the go all the time.

2. When do you read the most? On vacation, before you go to bed?

There isn’t a specific time when I read the most, just whenever I can but always before I go to sleep I’ll either read or listen.

3. Why do you grab a book?

To relax and also to dive into another place and/or another time. This is one quote that kind of sums it up…Great books give you a feeling that you miss all day, until you finally get to crawl back inside those pages again ~ Kathryn Stockett. There are lots more of course, but basically there’s nothing quite like getting lost in a good book.

4. Are you a mood reader or a season reader?

Definitely a mood reader, the season doesn’t matter at all.

5. What do you need around when your read or what don’t you need around you? Do you grab food and drink, do you want people around, does music play in the background?

I like to have a drink at hand but food isn’t a necessity. Music is a distraction, unless it’s very quiet and relaxing in the background. I don’t mind people if they’re reading too, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth attempting to concentrate on a book. Being warm and snuggly is good too, hence the throw on my chair for cool evenings.

6. Did you read a lot when you were a teenager? If yes, did you keep it a secret?

Probably I read the least during my teens compared to later and earlier years, but I didn’t keep reading a secret.

7. Do you tell your friends what kind of genres you read or do you keep them to yourself?

Yes, I’m happy to tell my friends what genres I read, if they’re interested to know.

8. Would you reveal to us what your most embarrassing books/genre is you enjoy?

None of the genres I enjoy are embarrassing to me. Erotic, or M/M, F/F fiction doesn’t interest me but if it did I might keep that to myself 🙂

9. What are your favorite genres?

I like so many, murder/mystery, YA, paranormal, urban fantasy, contemporary, some science fiction and some historical novels…the list goes on.

10. Have your work, studies or school influenced your reading and how?

Broadly speaking I’d say no although school did put me off Shakespearian plays! Having said that it also introduced me a favourite book which is Wuthering Heights.


© Cathy Ryan

The only view I have when reading is the garden but if I had my choice it would be something like this…A sea view would be the ultimate for me.

Thank you Cathy for participating. I really had fun. If you want to participate in this series, let me know. I’d be delighted. I intend to publish a post on reading habits towards the end of each month.


2 thoughts on “Reading Habits and Rituals #2 with Cathy Ryan

  1. I loved reading your interview ladies and it’s lovely to be able to picture Cathy in her reading chair 😀

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