John Farman – The Very Bloody History of Britain (Without the Boring Bits) The First Bit!

The Bloody History

publisher: Red Fox
published 1992
pages: 160


Warning: This book could change your ideas about history for ever!!
Do you know why the Celts got the best girls? Or who had his portrait painted after he was dead? And have you any idea who planned the first Channel Tunnel? From the dawn of civilization to the end of the Second World War, it’s all here in the factually accurate and hilariously funny Very Bloody History of Britain.
Bizarre, barmy and almost beyond belief, you’ve never had a history lesson like it! (Amazon)

In (Very) Short:

+ history of Britain focusing on the bloody bits
+ up to 1945
+ entertaining and ironic writing
+ illustrated with caricatures and comics

My Opinion:

The Bloody History of Britain focuses on … you guessed it … the bloody side of Britain’s history. It’s a lot about wars, heads being chopped of, more fighting, and some mad and crazy people.

It was a fun and entertaining read. The writing is ironic and funny and therefore fluffy and washes over you. The book is illustrated throughout and caricatures and comics are strategically placed. This is not necessarily an introduction into history but it might get the reader interested.

Though I enjoyed the read, it did lose a little pace towards the end. I don’t know why. Just a feeling.

I think it’s a nice book for people who are really not into history and think it is dry and boring. The book will show that the past was anything but boring.

Bottom Line:

A nice and bloody read 🙂


rating 3


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