Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain – Coffee, Tea or Murder?

coffee tea or murder

publisher: Signet
published: 2007
pages: 288


Ms. Fletcher learns that the friendly skies aren’t so friendly after all.
When Cabot Cove’s own Wayne Silverton debuts his new airline, he invites Jessica Fletcher and other locals on the inaugural flight from Boston to London. Jessica is thrilled for the opportunity to visit her dear friend, Scotland Yard Inspector George Sutherland. But the reunion hits turbulence when George is called to the airport to investigate the apparent murder of Wayne Silverton.
Jessica and George decide to put their sleuthing skills together. But there’s a full passenger list of suspects-and Jessica’s going to have to catch a killer before she can catch a flight home. (Amazon)

In (Very) Short:

+ another Murder, She Wrote novel
+ another acquaintance dead
+ another mystery to solve for Jessica (and her friend George Sutherland from Scotland Yard)

My Opinion:

Well, what can I say about a Jessica Fletcher/ Murder, She Wrote novel. I plainly enjoy them in any form and medium.

Jessica travels to London with her Cabot Cove friends when the new airline of a former member of the community is launched. The flight itself is smooth but in London Wayne Silverton is found dead. Thus Jessica Fletcher’s time with her friend, Inspector George Sutherland, is not cut short, yet dominated by another murder. The two will have to work together to find out who the murderer is before the plane flies back to Cabot Cove.

There is really only little to say: I love Jessica. The characters are likeable except maybe for the victim and some potential suspects (we gotta keep it interesting), the crime is rather cozy and less gruesome, and the writing is fluent and easy. Even though the last scenes are somewhat thrilling, I was very much at ease when I read this book.

Though at this point, if Jessica Fletcher ever comes for a visit, just run. After 12 seasons and all those books, people must just escape from the city when Jessica stops by. So many dead people in her wake and she is connected to most of them. She should barely have any friends left 🙂

Bottom Line:

A wonderful read with my second favorite sleuth – Jessica Fletcher.


rating 4


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