My Reading Challenges for 2016

I have taken a little time to have a look at my reading challenges from last year and see how or if I might adapt them for this year. But I try not to see me not successfully finishing my challenges as a failure, thus I will keep them for this year and attempt them again. However, I have decided to add an audiobook challenge to my Goodreads challenge. I was thinking about combining them, but that somehow feels like cheating, though it really is not. Therefore, I just made up another one. We’ll see how I will manage this year. Good luck with all your reading or personal challenges in 2016.

1. Goodreads Reading Challenge 2016

2016 Reading Challenge

Goal: 45 books

Last year I did not quite manage to read 45 books, but I will attempt it again this year. I think that will be a tough one especially since there are still more changes about to happen in my life. So there might be quite a few times where I simply don’t have the time or energy, but you never know.

2. Attack on the TBR pile 2016 (personal challenge)

TBR challenge

Goal: 10 books

My TBR pile slowly increases and though I read a bit, there are more incoming books than outgoing especially since my library is so incredibly tempting. But I will try to read some that have been on my TBR pile for a while. The books that add themselves to my TBR pile this year [2016], don’t count here. As I have not managed to achieve my goal in 2015, I will attempt it again this year.

3. Finish Series Challenge 2016 (personal challenge)

The Series Challenge

Goal: finish 5 series

There is a wonderful Finish-Book-Series Challenges out there but their goals are just way to high for me. If I manage to finish 5 series (trilogies, multiple book series etc.) that would be quite an achievement. However, this year I will officially add audiobooks to the list. Thus, when I finish a series that I listen to as audiobooks this year, I will add that as well.

4. Audiobook Challenge 2016

Goal: 30 audiobooks

Since I have discovered the joy of listening to audiobooks, I will also attempt an audiobook challenge. As there are quite some changes coming this year, I am not sure how much time I will actually have. Therefore a goal of 30 audiobooks this years is hopefully manageable. We’ll see 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Reading Challenges for 2016

  1. I did actually email Goodreads about adding audiobooks to the reading challenge and they said whatever books you review on GR count towards the total. They’re quite happy to have audios included in the total 🙂

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