Richard Stark – The Handle: A Parker Novel (#8)

The Handle

publisher: University of Chicago Press
published: 2009
pages: 172


In The Handle, Parker is enlisted by the mob to knock off an island casino guarded by speedboats and heavies, forty miles from the Texas coast. (Goodreads)

In (Very) Short:

+ crime novels
+ career criminal as main protagonist
+ fast-paced, action driven, gun shots and explosions, and hard-boiled detective traits

My Opinion:

Although this is the 8th novel in the Parker series or the 8th Parker novel – however that is named correctly –, this is the first one I read. I got this as a present from one of my teachers and I felt like I had to read a quite fast. I wasn’t so sure, but I enjoyed the story and the premise.

Parker is a career criminal who will murder if that ensure his success, yet he lives by his own code. He seems to have no redeeming qualities, yet when I read the story, I wanted to him to succeed.

Parker is paid to heist a casino – a criminal wants revenge on another criminal and Parker is the one to do it.
The story was fast-paced, the characters unknown to me (but appeared in previous books and stories), there was a lot of gun shots and explosions, almost no escape, and a lovely female character that the protagonist is drawn to but can never be with (very hard-boiled detective like).

It was a good and solid read. I rooted for Parker (though not always sure why because he surely was an – insert swear word here –) and I am interested to read some more to get a feel for the stories.

Bottom Line:

A good and solid read with a career criminal as main character.


rating 3


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