My Reading Month June

The reading slump has not yet subsided yet, but I thoroughly enjoyed the books that I read and the audiobook that I listened to this month. It was not a lot but it was fun.

  • Books: 2
  • Audiobook: 1
  • Pages (only books): 935
  • Pages (incl. Audiobooks): 1287
  • Minutes listened: 337 min. (over 5,5 hours)


Marissa Meyer – Cress (Lunar Chronicles #3)

I was very exited to read the third book in the series since I thoroughly enjoyed the first two and I wanted to know how the overall story continued. I enjoyed the book as the storylines from the previous two novels continued (and they were great and thrilling as before), however, it took me some time to get into the story of Cress. For whatever reason, I was not engulfed by Cress’ and Thorne’s storyline, it felt a slow at times, and I couldn’t relate to the characters as much. This however does not mean that it was a bad novel given that the previous ones had an up to 5 quill rating, but I had quite high expectations.

Jennifer Estep – Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy #2)

This was again an enjoyable read. The second novel in the series follows Gwen adjusting to her new surroundings and somehow relaxing after the first round of attacks in the first novel only to be targeted again in this one. It was a well-paced, quick, and entertaining read with interesting new characters and character developments. Again I am always a huge fan of the sidekicks 🙂

Anastasia McCrumpet und der Tag an dem die Unke rief von Holly Grant


Holly Grant – Anastasia McCrumpet und der Tag an dem die Unke rief / The League of Beastly Dreadfuls

A wonderful, slightly fantastical adventure story following a young girl, poodle with metal teeth, boys with a cage around their had, weird old ladies, and lots of mice. I was a fun read with some nice puns for the more advanced reader yet a great, exiting yet a little scary adventure.


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