My Reading Month July

It took a while but here it is. I am still not in the mood to pick up physical books but I think I have my audiobook groove back. 🙂

  • Books: 1
  • Audiobook: 5
  • Pages (only books): 480
  • Pages (incl. Audiobooks): 3344
  • Minutes listened: 2057 min. (over 34 hours)


Bill Bryson – It’s teatime my dear: Wieder reif für die Insel/ The Road to Little Dribbling: More Notes from a Small Island

After reading and thoroughly loving the first book, I had quite high expectations. They did not match but I enjoyed this book. It was a little like reminiscing in the good old times and yet accompanying a grumpy old man. I still laughed a lot while reading and sadly had to agree with some of the rather idiotic idiosyncrasies. A really good read, though not my favorite of his books.

Its teatime my dear von Bill Bryson


Iny Lorentz – Die steinerne Schlange

This historical novel was set right outside the borders of the Roman Empire when the Romans tried to capture, occupy and enslave Germanic tribes. A young woman of the tribe fights for her own freedom as she does not want to be „sold“ to the Roman leader and sets off a chain of events that will change her life, the life of her tribe as well as history. It was an interesting and captivating story that was set in another time that then middle ages – which I really appreciated. And though the story used some common and slightly predictable tropes, it was a joy to listen to.

Philip Rock – Abingdon Hall: Der letzte Sommer/ The Passing Bells

Abingdon Hall – the seat of the Grevilles – is full of parties and social events, but even here the beginning of the First World War cannot be ignored forever. The book follows the children and their friends as they spread across Europe. It was an interesting and compelling setting yet I have to admit that I don’t remember the story that well. Mainly because I had difficulties to distinguish the characters by name and sometimes lost track of who was who and where in Europe they were.

Danielle Hawkins – Dinner mit Rose/ Dinner at Rose’s

After Josie discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her, she escapes to the New Zealand countryside to live with her aunt for a while in order to try to figure out her life and herself. She not only meets her first love but is confronted with another difficult situation as her aunt gets sick. This was a really lovely story. The narration was a wonderful combination of a serious and sad topic (without dragging the reader down or making light of the situation) with a light and funny love story. It was really a charming and enchanting audiobook.

Jutta Wilke – Holundermond

I read this book a few years ago and I just felt like diving into the story again. The young girl Nele accompanies her father to Vienna, who investigates the theft of artifacts from a church. Soon her father disappears and she has to find out what happened to him and what her father’s ominous colleague has to do with this. This was a wonderful adventure story for children with a supernatural touch and a lot of interesting facts about churches and a particular part of Vienna’s history (can’t really say cause afraid I might spoil it for some).


Sarah Lark – Das Land der weißen Wolke

Two women begin their journey from London to New Zealand where they are being married to two men they barely know. Both their lives will intertwine for ever, both will have to face obstacles, and both will have to survive. Though I don’t always remember the storylines in Sarah Lark’s books, they are captivating. I cannot put them down and I just have to know how the story continues.


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