My Rating System

I have started to review books mainly for myself and friends (there are just so many book series, trilogies and more out there and I like to remember what the earlier books are about), but I have given in to rate the books according to a five point/star system. Just to be super creative (insert sarcasm here) I decided to rate the books with quills and here is what those mean to me:

rating 1                               I personally did not like the book, I have possibly interrupted it.

rating 2                       This book was not one of the best reads for me, but I finished it.

rating 3                  A good book; I would not read it again.

rating 4            A really incredible book which I thoroughly enjoyed; would read it again; looking forward to the  next installment (if planned); will look at other b ooks from this author.

rating 5       A fantastic book that I loved and will definitely read again; cant wait for the next installment (if planned); will definitely look at other books from this author.


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