My Reading Months April and May

It has been quiet on this channel lately. I wish I could just name a good reason or explanation or excuse for it, but none feels good enough. Plain fact: I just didn’t manage to put up content regularly. Life was hectic (but no more than usual), so was work (maybe a little more than usual but it had worse before), but when I had some time off I was relieved that I did not have to look at a computer. There is no excuse, no explanation: I didn’t manage it and I didn’t force myself to do so. Why? I really can’t say.

As I am trying to better myself, I am also trying to get out of some sort of reading slump. Not sure whether this is really a slump or if I don’t have the time. If I won’t to read I don’t have the time to read, but if I have the time I don’t want to. It’s quite the vicious cycle.

Since the reading hasn’t been good in April I decided to wait until May is over in order to get a little bit more content together.

  • Books: 4
  • Audiobook: 4
  • Pages (only books): 1282
  • Pages (incl. Audiobooks): 3186
  • Minutes listened: 1543 min. (over 25,5 hours)


Katharina M. Mylius – Ein Fehler mit Vergangenheit (Ein Oxford Krimi)

This is a wonderful and entertaining crime novel that is set in Oxford. The two inspectors investigate a death which occurred during a polo match. Though it looked like an accident it was of course murder. But the deceased was threatened by a woman who has disappeared many years ago and was never found. I really enjoyed the story and the intermingling of the cases. The inspectors were likeable and no depressed or gloomy or heavy drinkers – whoop whoop.

Kalaharin Typing School For Men Ein Fehler mit Vergangenheit

Alexander McCall Smith – The Kalahari Typing School for Men (#4)

I thoroughly enjoy the books in The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Series though I don’t necessarily feel that a lot of detecting is happening really. But the lovely thing is that not a lot of action like things are happening. The characters are keen observers that make the story slow-moving and thus relaxing and enjoyable. It surely is not something for everyone and you have to be in the mood for this.

Maria V. Snyder – Scent of Magic (Healer Trilogy #2)

The Ixia Chronicles are one of my favorite series (at least the first three books in the series, I haven’t made up my mind about the others yet) and I was a little careful to dive into another world, but I did and I loved the first book, so of course I had to continue with the series quite quickly. I loved this one too. The author is capable of creating characters that you can’t help to love. The basic scheme is similar to that of the Ixia chronicles, the action is fast-paced from the start to the very end, I laughed and cried with the characters and I was giddy when I encountered them again.

Maria V. Synder Scent of Magic Maria V. Snyder Taste of Darkness

Maria V. Snyder – Taste of Darkness (Healer Trilogy #3)

After the second book, I had to read the third book right away and I was drawn in from the first page onwards. Again, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, yet it did feel a little more erratic at times, quite jumpy between all the different places and settings and a little rushed. But those things were just slightly nagging feelings yet I could not shut them out.


Philip Kerr – Winterpferde/ The Winter Horses

Kalinka has lost everything once the Nazi overrun her town. She manages to flee and hide with the caretaker of a wildlife reserve who has to learn to live with the Nazis who have overrun the reserve. But soon Kalinka is on the run with two rare horses and is desperate to save them and herself from extermination. This is beautiful story about sacrifice, the loyalty of animals and the endurance of the a girl.

Ulrike Schweikert – Das Kreidekreuz

In the Middle Ages Anna marries a councilman to secure her future and shut her family up, yet when the peasant’s revolt comes to her town, so does her childhood sweetheart. Now she is caught between the two sides of the revolt as friends and family make their individual stands and between the two men in her life. This story was interesting, yet as some other stories by the author it could not captivate me. It dragged along and I needed a few breaks in between.

Petra Durst-Benning – Solang die Welt noch schläft

The story about 3 young girlfriends at the turn of the 20th century who all walk different paths in their lives, yet manage to maintain their friendship. I listened to the second book in this series before I even knew it was a series, which I figured out by accident. I really enjoyed the story as it gave an interesting inside into the time and the changing role of women. I also find it quite fascinating that a character that I actually liked in a later story, is incredibly annoying and arrogant in this one. All in all, very entertaining.

Rebecca Martin – Das goldenen Haus

I enjoyed this historical novel which was entertaining, yet the big secret was less big and shocking as I would have anticipated. The novel centers around the family Wessling who opens one of the largest ware houses in Frankfurt. However, the success of the family is build upon betrayal and secrets. Each slowly eats away at the three brothers, who are at the heart of the story, each of them dealing with their past differently. But when Bettina (the oldest brother’s wife) discovers that her marriage is based on a lie this family moves towards an abyss fast.


Katharina M. Mylius – Ein Fehler mit Vergangenheit: Ein Oxford-Krimi (Incl. Short English Review)

This book is written by a German author and is not published in English. Please see further below for a short English review.

Ein Fehler mit Vergangenheit

Verlag: Goldfinch Verlag
veröffentlicht: 2016
Seiten: 242


Während eines Poloturniers in Kirtlington, einem wohlhabenden Vorort Oxfords, stirbt ein Spieler. Alles weist auf einen Unfall hin. Doch unter den Polospielern kursiert das Gerücht, dass ein Mädchen namens Cecilia Hillington etwas mit dem Vorfall zu tun hat. Die Inspectors Heidi Green und Frederick Collins ermitteln und stehen schon bald vor einem Rätsel. Denn Cecilia ist vor einigen Jahren spurlos aus Blenheim Palace verschwunden … (Goldfinch)

In Kürze:

+ spannender, unterhaltsamer Kriminalfall
+ sympathische und angenehme Ermittler
+ kein dramatisch, überzogenes Privatleben der Ermittler
+ eine kleine Einführung für Nichtkenner von Polo und eine nette aber nicht überwältigende Beschreibung Oxfords


Dies ist nun der dritte Fall von Heidi Green und Frederick Collins. Heidi wird Zeugin eines Todesfalls während eines Polospiels und es stellt sich schnell heraus, dass es sich nicht um einen Unfall handelt, sondern um Mord. Durch einen Drohbrief, der bei dem Toten gefunden wird, rückt nicht nur dieser Mord in den Blickpunkt der Polizei, sondern auch ein Fall der schon vor vielen Jahren nicht gelöst werden konnte und in dem Heidis Vater ermittelt hat.

Der Fall war spannend und interessant gestaltet, die Erzählung schritt rasch voran und war gleichbleibend spannend. Auch wenn das Privatleben der Ermittler für kurze Zeit im Fokus der Geschichte stand, hat das den Fluss weder unterbrochen, sondern hat versucht eine Harmonie (soweit so etwas möglich ist) zwischen Beruf und Leben herzustellen. Etwas das sonst eher selten in Kriminalromanen als positiv dargestellt wird.

Die Figuren waren auch hier wieder liebenswert und sympathisch und auch die persönliche Involvierung von Heidi in den Fall war gut geschrieben, auch wenn ich mit dabei etwas mehr Ehrlichkeit und eine nicht so zurückhaltenden Verhaltensweise von ihrem Partner gewünscht hätte. Ich war recht überrascht über den Täter, obwohl man es hätte ahnen können (im Nachhinein kann man das ja immer. 🙂 )

Die Autorin hat die Geschichte auch immer wieder mit einigen Sehenswürdigkeiten durchlaufen lassen, dabei aber nicht mit Beschreibungen und Details übertrieben. Man hat ein schönes Gefühl von der Stadt bekommen und auch einiges wiedererkannt aus alten Touristentagen.


Ein spannender und unterhaltsamer Fall im wunderschönen Oxford mit sympathetischen Figuren.

In English:

This is the third crime novel by this author that is set in Oxford. The two inspectors investigate a death which occurred during a polo match. Though it looked like an accident it was of course murder. But the deceased was threatened by a woman who has disappeared many years ago and was never found.
The mingling of the two cases was done very well since it not only connected the two cases but also the inspector Heidi Green and her father, who was the investigator in the unsolved case. Yet this involvement was done very well: it was not dramatic or over exaggerated.
The story was fast-paced, the case was complex, the characters were likeable, and I enjoyed spending some time in Oxford. I also appreciated the inclusion of the detective’s private life without using it as a negative plot point but simply showing that police work and having a family can go hand in glove.
I thoroughly enjoyed the book.


Katharina M. Mylius wurde 1981 geboren und wuchs in Gleisweiler an der Südlichen Weinstraße auf. Ihre Ausbildung absolvierte sie teilweise in den USA und in Italien. Nach Abschluss ihres Studiums in Köln lebte und arbeitete sie unter anderem in Oxford, wo die Idee für ihre Krimis entstand. Privat ist sie eine leidenschaftliche Sängerin und Saxophonistin. Mehr unter


rating 4