I don’t want to grow up – My love for children’s books seems endless.

I enjoy reading children’s books. I am for sure not the intended audience but I love reading them. Not all of course, but the majority.

Funnily enough I enjoyed reading books from authors like Barbara Wood and others when I was about 13 years old – why I have no idea. During my studies in which I read many classics, I turned to fantasy and during the past say 4 to 5 years I discovered or better rediscovered my love for children’s books. Maybe I liked them because (of)

  • the nostalgic factor of my own childhood,
  • the fact that children are mostly straight forward and don’t hide what they feel,
  • they see things differently maybe even clearer.

Whatever the reason, they are fun, entertaining, usually contain a moral and just beautifully written and thought out.

As the international children’s day has been on June 1st, I just want to share some of my favorite children’s books which some might categorize under different or more specific sub-genres but from me they are still books for children – and in the end, I am still a child and will always be my parents kid no matter how old I am.




Andreas H. Schmachtl – Hieronimus Frosch: Das Hat die Welt Noch Nicht Gesehen (incl. A Short English Review)

This book was written by a German author. For a short English review, please see further below.

Hieronymus Frosch  Das hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen

Verlag: Arena
veröffentlicht 2013
Seiten: 136


Hieronymus Frosch ist einfach genial! Denn so aberwitzige Erfindungen, wie er sie in seiner Werkstatt zusammenbastelt, hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen. Außerdem untersucht der Erfinderfrosch die Geheimnisse eines undurchdringlichen Nebels und rettet schließlich auch noch seinen Widersacher, Mistfrosch Nick, aus größter Gefahr. Doch dann wartet das unglaublichste aller Abenteuer auf Hieronymus: Mit seinem Onkel Aquarius will er auch noch die Tiefsee erforschen … (Amazon)

In Kürze:

+ ein Erfinderfrosch als Protagonist
+ wunderbar illustriert und in grün geschrieben
+ schöne, unterhaltsame und niedliche Geschichten


Hieronymus Frosch ist ein Erfinderfrosch und in diesem Buch sind schöne Geschichten rund um seine Erfindungen gesammelt. Dabei bekämpft er nicht nur einen undurchdringlichen Nebel, baut ein Hausboot aus einem Vogelhaus inkl. Antrieb, wird zum Erforscher von Eichhörnchen und begibt sich auf eine Flussfahrt.

Wie immer sind die Geschichten, die sich Andreas H. Schmachtl ausdenkt, einfach toll. Die Figuren sind liebenswert, die Erfindungen bereits vorhanden, manchmal hanebüchen, aber immer mit den besten Intentionen erbaut und die Illustrationen sind wunderbar.

Das Buch ist wirklich schön gestaltet mit wunderschönen Zeichnungen und einer grünen Schriftfarbe – herrlich. Auch einige der Zeichnungen sind grün gehalten, während andere genauso bunt sind, wie die Bilder in den Tilda Büchern.

Trotzdem empfinde ich diese Geschichten ein wenig didaktischer als Tilda, da hier sehr viele wissenschaftliche Begriffe enthalten sind. Auch wenn diese erklärt werden und ich die Art und Weise wie a) an die Thematik herangegangen wird und b) die Begriffe erklärt und eingeführt werden, sehr schön finde, bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob es für den ein oder anderen sehr jungen Leser vielleicht doch etwas zu komplex ist. Aber das kommt mit Sicherheit auf das Kind an.


Ein unterhaltsames, schönes, wunderbar illustriertes Buch für alle Froschfans und die, die es noch werden wollen.

In English:

This book is a collection of stories about the frog Hieronymus, who is a passionate inventor. He struggles with fog, turns a bird house into a house boat, explores squirrels, and takes a trip on the river with his friends.

The stories are short and entertaining, the characters are loveable and cute, and the inventions at times utterly ridiculous. The book is beautifully illustrated and the print is green (which I just love). This book is great for reading to your children. However, the inclusion of all these scientific terms (though they are explained and integrated into the story quite well) could still be a little too complex for the very young reader. But I think that is different for every child.

A great and wonderful read, yet still only in German.


rating 4

My Reading Month April

I am happy with my reading month. I managed quite a few books as well as audiobooks. I will start of with the books I have read this past month.

Charlaine Harris – A Bone to Pick (Aurora Teagarden #2)

I picked up the second book in the series because I wanted a nice and easy read and the Aurora Teagarden series did not disappoint. It is advertised as a mystery book which it really isn’t. Aurora just happens to be at the places where dead bodies are found and she spend a few thoughts on them. This does not make it a crime story. But her private life is compelling and so is the effortless writing of Harris. It just washed over me and I had to continue.

Charlaine Harris A Bone to PickHieronymus Frosch  Das hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Hieronymus Frosch: Das hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen

This German children’s book is lovely and wonderful and focuses on stories about an inventor frog and his friends. It is a fun read, beautifully illustrated and the book is made up of many stories that can be read individually. Really great for reading to a child. And since a frog is green, so is the color of the fond.

John Farman – The Very Bloody History of Britain (Without the Boring Bits) The First Bit!

Another quick read was the history of Britain without the boring bits – and it sure was bloody. It is an interesting take on the subject of history and I enjoyed reading it. Kings and queens seem to be quite weird. Fun.

Derek Landy – Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire

The second installment in this series was again really enjoyable. The story was fast-paced from the beginning, adventurous, exiting, fun, with incredibly funny dialogues. I loved it.

Skulduggery Pleasant 2

Bette A. Stevens – Amazing Matilda: A Monarch’s Tale

This children’s book is a lovely little story about the monarch butterfly Matilda who wants to fly so bad and is told to be patient. It is a lovely book with beautiful illustrations. Wonderful.

Now onto my audiobooks that I listened in April.

Kristin Cashore – Die Beschenkte/ Graceling

I have read this book some time ago and now listened to the audiobook when I came across this. I enjoyed it as much as the first time. The premise is interesting, the characters well-developed, and likeable, and the translation was really good (I occasionally peeked into the book and compared). Totally recommend this.

Sabine Weigand – Das Buch der Königin

A German historical novel about an „old“ queen who gave birth to her child in a market place because people believed she wasn’t really having a child at 40. It was a good and entertaining story but was drawn out a little at times.

Veronica Roth – Divergent

I loved this audiobook. I found the unabridged version in English in my local library and I was thrilled to have it. The narrator was fantastic, the story well-paced and the characters well-developed. I enjoyed the main characters, the minor characters, I loathed the antagonists and wasn’t bothered by the love story thing. Great fun!

Andrea Sawatzki – Tief durchatmen, die Familie kommt.

This book is written by a German author/actress and focuses on one complicated family during Christmas time. It was an entertaining book though I had difficulties warming up to the female main protagonist. But the family was chaotic and I really enjoyed the end.

Christmas Book Review/ Weihnachtsbücher Kurzrezi

Both books are Christmas books in German and written by German-speaking authors. The first is a children’s book about an inventor frog and his Christmas adventure and the second is a bit of a Christmas lovestory. Since they are not available in English, this review will be in German only. The next reviews will be either in English or in both English and German again. So, please bear with me.

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Hieronymus Frosch feiert Weihnachten

hieronymus frosch feiert weihnachten

Verlag: Arena
veröffentlicht 2014
Seiten: 85


FUPP! Das gibt’s doch gar nicht: Hieronymus Frosch sitzt im Schnee fest! Jetzt kann nur seine neueste Erfindung, der Schnee-ENTFERNÖR I, helfen. Dann kann der weltbeste Erfinderfrosch endlich auch seine anderen winterlich-weihnachtlichen Erfindungen ausprobieren – wie den GRÜNEN BLITZ beim Rodeln oder den BACKMEISTER 2000 beim Plätzchenbacken. Und vor lauter Geschenke-Erfinden und Holunderpunsch-Trinken hätte Hieronymus eines fast vergessen: Weihnachten! Na, dann mal Frohes Fest!


Handlung: Der Erfinderfrosch Hieronymus Frosch ist so beschäftigt mit dem Wintereinbruch und den daraus resultierenden Erfindungen, dass er fast Weihnachten vergisst. Aber auch da kann man sehr viel erfinden.

Charaktere: Hieronymus Forsch ist ein Erfinder und erfindet den lieben langen Tag wunderbare neue Dinge, die für uns Menschen gar nicht so neu sind. Ein sehr sympathischer Protagonist.

Schreibstil: Andreas H. Schmachtl schreibt immer sehr schön und flüssig und passend zum Protagonisten ist die Schrift,sowie die meisten Zeichnungen grün.


Süße, kurze Weihnachtsgeschichte zum Vorlesen oder selber lesen. Sehr schön.


rating 5

Daniel Glattauer – Der Weihnachtshund


Max will vor Weihnachten flüchten und auf die Malediven fliegen. Dabei ist ihm Kurt, sein Hund, im Weg. Kurt war leider eine Fehlinvestition. Er schläft meistens. Und wenn er sich bewegt, dann höchstens irrtümlich. Katrin wird demnächst dreißig, und leidet unter Eltern, die darunter leiden, dass sie noch keinen Mann fürs Leben gefunden hat. Mit Weihnachten kommt der Höhepunkt des familiären Leidens auf sie zu. Da tritt plötzlich Kurt in Erscheinung. Katrin mag zwar keine Hunde, aber Kurt bringt sie auf eine Idee … (Amazon)


Handlung: Mann will Hund loswerden um über die Feiertage wegzufliegen. Frau will Hund übernehmen um den Eltern zu entkommen. Tag für Tag bekommen wir bis zum 24.12. erzählt wie die beiden Protagonisten zueinander finden und sich mit ihrer Vergangenheit auseinandersetzen. Interessant und ganz gut gemacht.

Charaktere: Beide Protagonisten sind mir nicht sonderlich sympathisch, aber auch nicht unsympathisch. Angenehm aber nicht weltbewegend.

Schreibstil: Sehr schön, hat mich gleich an das Buch gebunden und weiterlesen lassen.


Eine unterhaltsame Geschichte, schöner Schreibstil, hat mich aber nicht vom Hocker gehauen.


rating 3

December/January Book Haul

Since I did not manage to post a haul for December, I decided to combine my December and January hauls. I have accumulated quite a few books over the past two months. But it was Christmas and there was my birthday and then I was stressed and needed some treats 🙂

Sarah J. Maas – Heir of Fire

This is the third book in the trilogy (which is now turned into a series; maybe kinda like Trudi Canavan’s Black Magicians Trilogy which continued with the Traitor Spy Trilogy; I am not sure). I am looking forward to continue and/or finish the trilogy, yet I am reluctant to start. It took me a while to get into the second book and I did not enjoy it as much as the first. I just hope this one is better and has some form of closure.

Rae Carson – The Crown of Embers and The Bitter Kingdom

These are books 2 and 3 in the trilogy, which I have read over a year ago (I think even 1 1/2 years ago). I gifted them to myself for my birthday. I really enjoyed the first book because it was a different to other fantasy series, but I am not sure if I should reread the first one since it’s been a while.

Terry Pratchett – Dodger

I have never read a Pratchett novel. I don’t know why, maybe because I am not sure whether they are a series or just set in the same world without being dependent on each other. They were just to many of them and I was confused. However, I found this one as a bargain and thought I might give it a try.

Renee Holler – Das Geheimnis des Goldenen Salamanders

I stumbled upon this adventure novel for children or maybe young adults, which is set in England in the 1670s (I think). It is a historical adventure story and I am currently in the mood for either reading or listening to them. They are primarily fun and exiting without the whole teenage angst all the time. I hope this one will not disappoint.

Walter Moers – Das Labyrinth der Träumenden Bücher

Like Pratchett an author that is widely famous in Germany and I have not yet read a book. I found this in a bargain bin because it had a few scratches, but I had to give it a new home. It is a later book in the series and again I am not sure whether I need to read the others before in order to understand or if they are somewhat stand alone only set in the same world. But I will figure that out.

december 2015 haul

Wolfram Hänel – Ein Fall für die Weihnachtsdetektive

I could not walk past this book: a Christmas story told in 24 chapters and of course a crime story for children. It is illustrated and in order to get to each chapter, I have to separate the pages. They are “stuck” together and I have to open each chapter. The book is also illustrated and the writing is in red. I just really like the design.

Marliese Arold – Dem Pharao Versprochen

I have read some books by this author and enjoyed her writing and her stories. This is set in Egypt (I like) and tells the story of a young woman who has to marry the Pharaoh but likes someone else. Sounds a little mushy, but there are times when one really is in the mood for mush.

Vicky Alvear Shecter – Mondmädchen/ Cleopatra’s Moon

Another book set in Egypt about Cleopatra’s daughter. Well, I really like the old myths and stories about Egypt, so I took it home.

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Hieronymus Frosch: Das hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen

I have read and some and own quite a few books by the author and I love them. The stories are cute and entertaining. Great for reading to your kids and short as well. The illustrations are wonderful and since this book is about an inventor frog, the writing is in green and some of the illustrations are also in green, while others are in color.

Patrick Carman – Strengstens Verboten: Willkommen im Hotel Whippet/ Floors

Another kids book which sounded quirky and fun. The Whippet is a hotel in which Leo lives with his dad, who is the maintenance man. He stumbles into an adventure when he discovers boxes that lead him to hidden floors, strange puzzles and ducks. Sounds good and fun, so I took it with me.

Nina Balzon – Lagua: Der Fluch der Schwarzen Gondel

I listened to a time travel novel set in Venice when I came across this book also set in Venice. This book seems to also have a supernatural touch. A coursed gondola, two warring families, and four kids who try to discover the truth. Sounds like a good adventure story.

Josephine Angelini – Goddess

The final book in the Starcrossed Trilogy. I really enjoyed the first two books. They were entertaining and easy to read. I really like to know how that whole situation unfolds and concludes. I looking forward to meeting old friends.

My Reading Month December

First and foremost, I wish you all a Happy New Year and a great, exiting, and wonderful 2015.

This reading month actually looks quite good and was quite good, but I read most of this in the beginning of the month. Towards the end of the month and year, being in the final stages of writing my thesis took its toll and I barely managed anything. Since I am still in the editing process, this monthly review will be brief. I am sorry and I promise to be more thorough in my next reading month and the reviews of the books.

Melanie Welsh – Felicity Gallant und das steinerne Herz

I finally read the second Felicity adventure and it was as great as the first story. I really hope Melanie Welsh continues to write more Felicity books. This time felicity has to stop a witch (that’s what I call her) from erasing all the stories with a happy ending. Again a great book about friendship and a little love… poor Henry.

Felicity Gallant und das steinerne Herz Canterbury Requiem

Gitta Edelmann – Canterbury Requiem

This is a crime story written by a German author and set in Canterbury. I really enjoyed the story, it was an interesting case, the characters were likable, and the writing was fluffy and fluent. It was maybe less crime related than I thought it would be, but it was lovely and interesting.

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Hieronymus Frosch feiert Weihnachten

A short children’s book in which the inventor frog Hieronymus experiences winter, invents a lot of snow removing machines, and almost forgets that Christmas is around the corner. Really cute.

hieronymus frosch feiert weihnachten Inspector Barney Tatort Hühnerstall

Doreen Cronin – Inspector Barney: Tatort Hühnerstall

A children’s crime story set in a chicken house. The old rescue dog Barney is retired and lives on a little farm, where the mother hen shows him a letter in which she is told that some of her chickens are kidnapped. Barney starts to investigate. Really cute, fun, and easy read. I think it would be lovely read for kids.

Daniel Glattauer – Der Weihnachtshund

My Christmas book this years is written by an Austrian author and centers around the dog Kurt. It was an easy and fluent read with of course a happy ending, some quirky and weird characters, and a dog with two different souls.

Tilda und Pooh

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Weil ich dich mag

Another Tilda Apfelkern book. This special edition contains 4 stories that all center around Tilda and her friends. Lovely, fast, and fun.

A. A. Milne – Positively Pooh: A Book of Happy Thoughts

This is a collection of positive Pooh moments and thoughts. I got this as a present and although I was a little confused in the beginning, but it really is a lovely and beautiful little book.

sorry ihr hotel ist abgebrannt

Stephan Ort – Sorry ihr Hotel ist abgebrannt: Kurioses aus dem Urlaub

This is a collection of weird and funny and sometimes really strange incidents that happened on vacation. Either in planes, at hotels, in buses and so on. It is a great read for in-between since the narratives are really short and sweet and can be read independently. Quite entertaining.

November Book Haul

It appears to be an all German book haul this month. The books are all written by German authors and in German, but next month there will be some more English titles. But at least some are inspired by or set in Britain.
There will be a German as well as an English comment below the titles.

Gitta Edelmann – Canterbury Requiem: Ein Krimi aus Kent

Ella ist gerade erst nach Canterbury gezogen als sie Aileen bei der Chorprobe kennenlernt. Am nächsten Tag lernt Ella, dass Aileen bei einem Unfall ums Leben gekommen ist. Warum aber hat sie so viele Beruhigungsmittel im Blut? Ella fängt an zu ermitteln. Das Buchcover ist sehr schön und erinnert mich vor allem sehr an Christie Romane. Und der Klappentext liest sich auch ein bisschen so. Ich bin auf jeden Fall gespannt.

Ella has moved to Canterbury and has just met Aileen in the choir group. The next day Ella learns that Aileen was killed in an accident. But why did the police find a great amount of sedatives in her blood. This triggers Ella’s interest and she starts to investigate. The cover reminds me very much of a Christie novel and the premise reads like a whodunit. I am really looking forward to this.

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Hieronymus Frosch: Darauf hat die Welt gewartet

Ich bin ein großer Fan der Tilda Apfelkern Reihe. Die Bücher sind wirklich wunderbar. Nun nehme ich mir Hieronymus Frosch vor. Die Geschichte des kleine Erfinderfrosches sind wieder einmal wunderbar illustriert (ich habe schon mal reingelinst) und die Texte sind in grün geschrieben – wie toll ist das denn.

I have already read books in the author’s other series (Tilda Apfelkern) and now I want to start with the series about an inventor frog. I already had a peak and the illustrations are again beautiful and the writing is green – just like Hieronymus – how great is that.

november haul

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Hieronymus Frosch feiert Weihnachten

Hierbei handelt es sich um die kleinen Weinhachtsausgaben vom Arena Verlag. Hieronymus ist eingeschneit und freut sich seine Wintererfindungen endlich auszuprobieren. Dabei ist er so beschäftigt mit erfinden, dass er fast das Weihnachtsfest vergisst.

This is a really small Christmas book in which Hieronymus is snowed in and can finally test his many winter inventions. But while he is inventing like crazy he almost forgets Christmas.

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Tilda Apfelkern: Frühling, Sommer, Herbst und Winter

Das nächste Buch in der Tilda Reihe erzählt wieder Geschichten von der kleinen Kirchenmaus und ihren Freunden. Wieder einmal begleiten wir Tilda durch ein Jahr und erleben neue Abenteuer mit ihr. Ich finde die Reihen einfach toll. Und besonders in der Weihnachtszeit macht es sehr viel Spaß Andreas H. Schmachtl zu lesen.

Another book about Tilda the church mouse and her friends. We accompany Tilda through the seasons which all bring new adventures. I just love that mouse. And I really enjoy reading books by this author around Christmas time. It is a lot of fun.