I don’t want to grow up – My love for children’s books seems endless.

I enjoy reading children’s books. I am for sure not the intended audience but I love reading them. Not all of course, but the majority.

Funnily enough I enjoyed reading books from authors like Barbara Wood and others when I was about 13 years old – why I have no idea. During my studies in which I read many classics, I turned to fantasy and during the past say 4 to 5 years I discovered or better rediscovered my love for children’s books. Maybe I liked them because (of)

  • the nostalgic factor of my own childhood,
  • the fact that children are mostly straight forward and don’t hide what they feel,
  • they see things differently maybe even clearer.

Whatever the reason, they are fun, entertaining, usually contain a moral and just beautifully written and thought out.

As the international children’s day has been on June 1st, I just want to share some of my favorite children’s books which some might categorize under different or more specific sub-genres but from me they are still books for children – and in the end, I am still a child and will always be my parents kid no matter how old I am.




My Reading Month March

March was a solid reading month. I have a little bit of reading groove back. It increased slowly, but at least it does. I hope the next months might be better.

  • Books: 4
  • Audiobook: 6
  • Pages (only books): 698
  • Pages (incl. Audiobooks): 1857
  • Minutes listened: 1490 min. (over 24 hours)


Charlaine Harris – Three Bedrooms and One Corpse (Aurora Teagarden #3)

The third novel in the series was finally a little more crime fiction than the ones before. I enjoyed the story, the mystery, and even the characters – Aurora wasn’t as annoying as in the last installments. A good cozy mystery.

Kate Clary – The Monster that Moved in

A lovely children’s tale about a family who invited a monster to move in with them. Only to discover annoying habits that seems to drive them crazy. Yet they are not aware that they might have annoying habits, too.

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Weltbeste Freunde für Immer

A short book about friendship and love. Really adorable.

Maria V. Snyder – Touch of Power (Avry of Kazan #1)

It took me a while to start another book by Maria V. Snyder. I loved her Poison Study series, but wasn’t so thrilled with the first book in the glass series. This time I get to know a whole new world full of magic and healers, who are hunted down – a little like a witch hunt. This whole story just sets up the story for the continuing books and is leaves an interesting premise for the future. I was captivated, enjoyed the characters, and loved the side kicks. Snyder has a fantastic way to create loveable characters and keep a fast and thrilling narrative pace. I loved it.

Weltbeste Freunde Charlaine Harris - Teagarden 3


Andreas H. Schmachtl – Tilda Apfelkern

My first audiobook this month was German children’s book but I forgot the complete title. There are quite a few out there and I couldn’t recall which one it was. It contained stories about the white mouse Tilda and her friends who embark on some adventures.

Holly Black and Cassandra Clare – Magisterium: Der Weg ins Labyrinth/ The Iron Trial

Although the reviews state that The Iron Trial was a rip off of Harry Potter, I disagree. Yes there are some similar tropes and settings used but you can’t reinvent the wheel all the time. There is bound to be some overlapping. I really enjoyed the story, I did not see the ending or the twists coming. Really good.

Nina Müller – Kuschelflosse und die blubberbunte Weltmeisterschaft

The second adventure of the fish cuddly and his friends is equally fun and adorable. The participate in the world championship of bubbles, trying to create the most and unique bubbles with a machine. Lovely story.

George R.R. Martin – Das Lied des Eisdrachen/ The Ice Dragon

Also lovely and entertaining was this short fairy tale. The Ice Dragon is a short, yet interesting narration that would have made a wonderful fantasy novel: Adara and the ice dragon are friends, yet when her town is run over by war, Adara has to make a choice that will cost her.

Rick Riordan – Percy Jackson: Im Bann des Zyklopen/ Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

I love Percy Jackson. I already read all the books and I now listen to the audiobooks in German. Granted, I do think the originals are better because I was laughing a lot more when I read them, but I also enjoy the narrated German version. They are still as captivating as the written word.

M.C. Beaton – Agatha Raisin: Hiss and Hers

My first M.C. Beaton mystery and I am unsure what and how to feel. The mystery was very good and interesting. It kept my on my toes. Yet I did not warm up to the main character or any other character really. They were annoying, behaved like children, and drove me plain crazy. Thus, I think I have to read one before I form a final opinion. Some books are better when I read them then have them narrated to me. Maybe it will be the same with Beaton’s novels.

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Tilda Apfelkern: Wunderbare Geschichten aus dem Heckenrosenweg

This is a book that I read in German and I also review in German. For a short English review please go to the end of the post.

Tilda Apfelkern - Wunderbare Geschichten vom Heckenrosenweg

Verlag: Arena
veröffentlicht 2009
Seiten: 204

Book (German)


Die wunderbaren, stimmungsvollen, lustigen, aufregenden und spannenden Geschichten von Andreas H. Schmachtl entführen kleine und große Leser in Tildas gemütlich-nostalgische Welt – und werden sie für immer verzaubern. Tilda Apfelkern, Igel Rupert und all die anderen Freunde wachsen einem so sehr ans Herz, dass man beim Umblättern der letzten Seite gleich wieder vorne mit dem Lesen beginnen möchte. (Amazon)

In Kürze:

+ Sammlung von Geschichten um Tilda und ihre Freunde
+ begleitet die Freunde durchs Jahr
+ wunderbare Illustrationen
+ ideal zum Vorlesen


Tilda Apfelkern ist ein holunderblütenweiße Kirchenmaus, die mit ihren Freunden in einem kleinen Dorf wohnt mit ihrer Mäusefreundin Molly, dem Igel Rupert, den Eichhörnchenzwillingen Billy und Benny und deren Mutter sowie vielen weiteren Freunden.

Das Buch ist eine Sammlung von Geschichten, welche die Freunde rund ums Jahr begleiten. Wir erleben den Winter und die Schneemassen, wie Tilda ein neues Zimmer in ihrem Haus entdeckt, der jährliche Wettbewerb um die beste Marmelade und wir suchen nach einem Schatz mit Tilda und Rupert.

Das Buch ist wunderbar illustriert und ist ganz entzückend. Der Schreibstil ist wunderbar und kindgerecht ohne dabei deren Verstand zu unterschätzen. Das Buch besteht aus einzelnen kurzen Geschichten, was für das Vorlesen sicherlich sehr von Vorteil ist. Trotzdem bauen die Geschichten ein wenig aufeinander auf, sodass es nicht einfach aneinandergereihte Geschichten sind. Ein wirklich schönes Buch.


Ich liebe Tilda Apfelkern und fand das Buch wieder einmal klasse. Sehr gut zum Vorlesen geeignet, da es sich im kurze in sich geschlossenen Geschichten handelt.

In English:

Tilda Apfelkern is a white church mouse who lives in a small town with her friends Rupert, the hedgehog, her mouse friend Molly, and the twin squirrels Billy and Benny (and of course their mother). The book is a collection of short stories which follow the friends throughout the years. Each story contains a little adventure: the massive snow fall, a flood, the search for treasures and many more. The illustrations in the book are beautiful and the writing is fluent. Although it is for children, the writing does not underestimate the kids’ capability. Sadly, this has not been translated into English, yet they remind me a bit of Beatrix Potter’s works.


rating 5

My Reading Month December

First and foremost, I wish you all a Happy New Year and a great, exiting, and wonderful 2015.

This reading month actually looks quite good and was quite good, but I read most of this in the beginning of the month. Towards the end of the month and year, being in the final stages of writing my thesis took its toll and I barely managed anything. Since I am still in the editing process, this monthly review will be brief. I am sorry and I promise to be more thorough in my next reading month and the reviews of the books.

Melanie Welsh – Felicity Gallant und das steinerne Herz

I finally read the second Felicity adventure and it was as great as the first story. I really hope Melanie Welsh continues to write more Felicity books. This time felicity has to stop a witch (that’s what I call her) from erasing all the stories with a happy ending. Again a great book about friendship and a little love… poor Henry.

Felicity Gallant und das steinerne Herz Canterbury Requiem

Gitta Edelmann – Canterbury Requiem

This is a crime story written by a German author and set in Canterbury. I really enjoyed the story, it was an interesting case, the characters were likable, and the writing was fluffy and fluent. It was maybe less crime related than I thought it would be, but it was lovely and interesting.

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Hieronymus Frosch feiert Weihnachten

A short children’s book in which the inventor frog Hieronymus experiences winter, invents a lot of snow removing machines, and almost forgets that Christmas is around the corner. Really cute.

hieronymus frosch feiert weihnachten Inspector Barney Tatort Hühnerstall

Doreen Cronin – Inspector Barney: Tatort Hühnerstall

A children’s crime story set in a chicken house. The old rescue dog Barney is retired and lives on a little farm, where the mother hen shows him a letter in which she is told that some of her chickens are kidnapped. Barney starts to investigate. Really cute, fun, and easy read. I think it would be lovely read for kids.

Daniel Glattauer – Der Weihnachtshund

My Christmas book this years is written by an Austrian author and centers around the dog Kurt. It was an easy and fluent read with of course a happy ending, some quirky and weird characters, and a dog with two different souls.

Tilda und Pooh

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Weil ich dich mag

Another Tilda Apfelkern book. This special edition contains 4 stories that all center around Tilda and her friends. Lovely, fast, and fun.

A. A. Milne – Positively Pooh: A Book of Happy Thoughts

This is a collection of positive Pooh moments and thoughts. I got this as a present and although I was a little confused in the beginning, but it really is a lovely and beautiful little book.

sorry ihr hotel ist abgebrannt

Stephan Ort – Sorry ihr Hotel ist abgebrannt: Kurioses aus dem Urlaub

This is a collection of weird and funny and sometimes really strange incidents that happened on vacation. Either in planes, at hotels, in buses and so on. It is a great read for in-between since the narratives are really short and sweet and can be read independently. Quite entertaining.

November Book Haul

It appears to be an all German book haul this month. The books are all written by German authors and in German, but next month there will be some more English titles. But at least some are inspired by or set in Britain.
There will be a German as well as an English comment below the titles.

Gitta Edelmann – Canterbury Requiem: Ein Krimi aus Kent

Ella ist gerade erst nach Canterbury gezogen als sie Aileen bei der Chorprobe kennenlernt. Am nächsten Tag lernt Ella, dass Aileen bei einem Unfall ums Leben gekommen ist. Warum aber hat sie so viele Beruhigungsmittel im Blut? Ella fängt an zu ermitteln. Das Buchcover ist sehr schön und erinnert mich vor allem sehr an Christie Romane. Und der Klappentext liest sich auch ein bisschen so. Ich bin auf jeden Fall gespannt.

Ella has moved to Canterbury and has just met Aileen in the choir group. The next day Ella learns that Aileen was killed in an accident. But why did the police find a great amount of sedatives in her blood. This triggers Ella’s interest and she starts to investigate. The cover reminds me very much of a Christie novel and the premise reads like a whodunit. I am really looking forward to this.

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Hieronymus Frosch: Darauf hat die Welt gewartet

Ich bin ein großer Fan der Tilda Apfelkern Reihe. Die Bücher sind wirklich wunderbar. Nun nehme ich mir Hieronymus Frosch vor. Die Geschichte des kleine Erfinderfrosches sind wieder einmal wunderbar illustriert (ich habe schon mal reingelinst) und die Texte sind in grün geschrieben – wie toll ist das denn.

I have already read books in the author’s other series (Tilda Apfelkern) and now I want to start with the series about an inventor frog. I already had a peak and the illustrations are again beautiful and the writing is green – just like Hieronymus – how great is that.

november haul

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Hieronymus Frosch feiert Weihnachten

Hierbei handelt es sich um die kleinen Weinhachtsausgaben vom Arena Verlag. Hieronymus ist eingeschneit und freut sich seine Wintererfindungen endlich auszuprobieren. Dabei ist er so beschäftigt mit erfinden, dass er fast das Weihnachtsfest vergisst.

This is a really small Christmas book in which Hieronymus is snowed in and can finally test his many winter inventions. But while he is inventing like crazy he almost forgets Christmas.

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Tilda Apfelkern: Frühling, Sommer, Herbst und Winter

Das nächste Buch in der Tilda Reihe erzählt wieder Geschichten von der kleinen Kirchenmaus und ihren Freunden. Wieder einmal begleiten wir Tilda durch ein Jahr und erleben neue Abenteuer mit ihr. Ich finde die Reihen einfach toll. Und besonders in der Weihnachtszeit macht es sehr viel Spaß Andreas H. Schmachtl zu lesen.

Another book about Tilda the church mouse and her friends. We accompany Tilda through the seasons which all bring new adventures. I just love that mouse. And I really enjoy reading books by this author around Christmas time. It is a lot of fun.

My Reading Month November

This month was a good reading month for me. I have to admit that I cheated a little bit and read quite a few children’s books and novellas to maybe meet my goal at the end of the year, but it was all quite enjoyable.

Hiawyn Oram – Rumblewicks Tagebuch: Hilfe meine Hexe lernt Ballett

This is another book in the Rumblewick series narrated by a cat. His witch wants to be more human than a witch. This gets both into a lot of trouble because it is forbidden. So, this time Haggy Aggy decides to learn ballet. A cute and fun read just like the other ones.

Patrick McDonnell – Das Monster aller Monster

I only managed this number of books this month because I read a lot of children’s fiction. It calms me down and helps me unwind. This book is so lovely and funny. Three little monster argue who is the most dangerous and monstrous and because they don’t agree they build a big and scary monster, who does not turn out the way they wanted. The illustrations are wonderful. This was great.

Julie Anne Grasso – Frankie Dupont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor

Another entertaining read this month was this e-book I found. Frankie’s cousin is missing and so he helps investigate. Frankie really wants to be a detective like his father so he uses what he has learned in his first case. It is a fun and entertaining story with a supernatural twist.

Andreas H. Schmachtl – Tilda Apfelkern: Wunderbare Geschichten aus dem Heckenrosenweg

Tilda is a little church mouse who lives in a small town surrounded by her friends the hedgehog Rupert, the mouse Molly, the squirrel Edna with her two sons Benny and Billy and Robin the robin (and many more). This book accompanies the friends through the year which is told in short stories (great for reading to your kid) and is beautifully illustrated.

Tilda Apfelkern - Wunderbare Geschichten vom HeckenrosenwegHilfe meine Hexe lernt Ballett2 Monster aller Monster2

Ann Hunter – The Subtle Beauty

This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Princess Glory is vain and is promised to prince Eoghan of the Blood Realm, who is said to be cursed and deformed. Glory is angry and tries to escape her marriage by fleeing with the young falconer but is tricked and brought to Blackthorn Keep (the home of the prince) instead. There she is confronted with a gryphon, a ghost, and a secret plan to usurp the prince. Those who know Beauty and the Beast know how it will end. It was a good and really fast read.

Katie McGarry – Red at Night

I have stumbled across that name several times and since I did not have that much energy to spend on long books, I turned to some novellas. I needed a shorter story with a fast and hopefully satisfactory solution at the end. It was a good read and I like it, but I am just not that into contemporary stuff I suppose. I don’t mind a quick and sudden love story in fantasy novels because I usually pay more attention to world building, but here I was confronted with that. It was good and nice. A little didactic and a little unrealistic, but surely entertaining.

Ally Carter – Double Crossed: A Spies and Thieves Story

I really, really enjoyed this story. Again a short novella instead of a long novel. And although the characters and their world have already been established in two other series by the author, it was no problem to follow this story. I probably did not get all references but I never felt like I missed something. Altogether this was a great and fun read and made me want to have a look at the two other series Ally Carter wrote since the characters of both story worlds meet in this novella. Fun.

Christopher Butler – Postmodernism: A Short Introduction

I had to cheat a little more this month to maybe meet my goal at the end of the year and added a theory book that I had to read again for my dissertation. Postmodern theory – not necessarily my favorite topic, but I still really recommend this book to anyone who needs or wants an introduction into postmodernism. It will give you a good start and you will actually understand developments and theories easier after reading this.