My Favorite Books 2014

Since I have managed quite a few books last year, I have looked through them and made yet another list of my favorite books last year.  I have looked at each month and chose the ones that I enjoyed the most each month.


January 2014

scarlet percy

Febuary 2014

 Eon felicity gallant

March 2014


April 2014

ein jahr in london

May 2014

Oona Crate Gespensterspuk in Hollywood

June 2014

The Rogue Holly Hill Gold Leather Trousers

July 2014

jane austen bio

August 2014

Derek Landy 1 feldgling

September 2014

nemesis swimming with fishes

October 2014

Dreamless Entschuldigung sind sie die Wurst

November 2014

Tilda Apfelkern - Wunderbare Geschichten vom Heckenrosenwegthe subtle beauty

December 2014

Canterbury Requiem Felicity Gallant und das steinerne Herz hieronymus frosch feiert weihnachten


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